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    I'm glad someone else has the same problem. We just purchased 35 iMacs this summer. We've also had the lose the cloning in the middle of instructor's presentations and the project giving us an "out of range" prompt. However, when our computer people contacted Apple support, they were told it was a Windows issue and when they contacted Microsoft, it was a Mac problem. But this is something I can pass along.
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    Great suggestion to try a USB adapter. I was able to test this out with a end user today who has a "problem" laptop and happy to report a USB to DVI Video Adapter (USB2DVI by Star Tech) worked fine. We use this model for some of the older MacBook Pro's we have and happened to have one hanging around so this will at least provide a better work around than using a portable projector.

    Couple of downsides:

    1. Have to spend more money to work around this issue. Would be nice given the cost of these systems to see a fix from Apple/NVIDIA/Microsoft (whoever's problem it truly is). About a $100 for the model we used (

    2. Have to install some software and reboot to get the device to work. Some software installation probably is not unexpected however the reboot means you probably would want to plan for it in advance. Meaning you don't want to just go into a presentation and expect it to work and work quickly.

    3. Another device to carry around. This particular model isn't that much bigger than the mini displayport so this isn't a huge deal in my mind.

    Well nice to have a work around for now but still want to see this addressed. Maybe one of these days I will call into Support again but last time I did that just got frustrated as I had to explain the issue all over again.

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    Thanks for this 'indirect fix'. I'm running bootcamp with Windows 7 RTM (64 bit) on a 2 week old MacBook Pro. All my external monitors including a Sony HD 1920 via the Mini Display Port to RGB adapter work perfectly...that is until I went to do a demo at a client site. All the client's conference rooms are equiped with overhead NEC projectors. The projector's RGB cable has a long run through the wall, into a swith, and out again to 2 RBG cables, one at each end of the conference room and guess what... only 640 x 480 as described by everyone else in this discussion. I do have a USB display adapter and am happy to report success using it in every client conference room I tried. The unit is an EVGA UV Plus +16 and 64 bit drivers are available for download on their web site. Although this solution works really well, it should be easier (and cheaper) than this regardless who is to blame.
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    So I've been having this same issue for about a year or so. I had this issue on my old Macbook Pro which I gave to me wife. It had the Nvidia 8600 in it. Everything works fine in Windows XP with Projectors. In Windows Vista everything works fine EXCEPT for the project (same issue with not going over 640x480. In Windows 7 I have the same issue with the projector as well as a new one. Now the ethernet sometimes dissapears. I know Apple sells their computers with the intent of running Mac OSX which I'm sure we all prefer. But I work for a Windows software company so I have to run Windows. I would say if the Macs cant be compatible with the newest versions of Windows then dont advertise them as if they are. I would have bought a cheaper laptop that runs Windows 7 if I knew I still couldnt use a projector with my 3 grand mac laptop.
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    Ugh! I am having the same issue. I bought a projector to use at home with my notebook and under Windows it is completely useless. I was running Vista and everything worked okay until I bought an extension for the VGA cord and then it kicked the resolution down to 640x480. I've spent the last three nights trying everything I could think of to address this problem. I guess I don't really have much to add to the conversation. I just wanted to vent my frustration and have an easy way to get back to this thread.
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    Has anyone heard from Apple on this issue yet? My company is pushing me to use Windows 7 to prepare for our customers using it. I would really really really hate to tell them a mac isnt compatible with newer software.
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    It's not just Windows specific.

    Running 10.6 I can't get it to work with the long vga cable connected to my lcd projector. With a shorter cable, it works.

    With the longer cable on a cheap HP laptop, works.

    Slightly ****** that on my $1700 Apple wonder-laptop I can't connect to a projector.
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    Having the same problem running Windows xp
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    Lets hope Apple fices this when they give us Official Win 7 support
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    I got the same Problem with a NEC Plasma Display only 640x480 can be selected!
    Anybody heared form Apple yet? The only provide support for Windows7 via phone for the USA!
    Please let us know if they have a solution form switzerland!
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    I've finally managed to find out a solution the works on windows XP!!!!

    Basically I've used the modded nVidia drivers that I've used with my HP notebook with 8400GS video adapter.

    So the solution is to download the 179.44 drivers from

    integrating the modified inf file that can be found in this site. After that every projector I've tried to connect works like a charme with a 20 meters VGA cable!

    I've tried with 2 different iMacs 21.5" and with different VGA to MiniDisplay ports adapters, and works every time.

    Hope that could help someone else!
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    Hi all.

    I have found a solution to the problem that gives you VGA at any resolution in XP, Vista and 7 - but it isn't cheap!

    I'm a Graphics Operator for large and small live events and conferences, so when I spent £3000 on my new 17" MacBook Pro in July and loaded Vista onto it, I wasn't very happy (to say the least!)

    I've been searchng about for a solution and I've finally found one!

    You'll need:
    Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter
    DVI-D cable
    A DVI-D to VGA adaptor from ITM -

    And that's it! The total cost is about £225(!!)

    I've tested this setup in Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 at resolutions up to 1920 x 1280.

    I hope you all find this helpful.

  • Patrickgqa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Sorry the max resolution 1280 x 1024.
  • jasonwynne Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Has anyone tried the new beta drivers from Nvidia Notebook Release 195/195.55? I would love to move to Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro, but dont have the time to format and install Windows 7 just to try the driver. If it doesnt work I would have to go back to Windows XP and that would take too much time for a work computer. Anyone got one they can try these beta drivers on with a projector and let us know the results?


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    I have and 195.62 from Laptopvideo2Go .... SUCCESS!

    At work we have Sony VPL-CX70 with very long cables and a switch in between. I connected first the VGA adapter to projector cable and then plugged it in and got 1280 x whateveritwas automatically adjusted with extended desktop. And the projector name was there recognized in the resolution settings.

    I did use the nVidia sweeper to completely remove all nVidia drivers, installed the new display drivers and chipset, SMU and ethernet from Snow Leopard DVD.

    I did try this with a Toshiba projector on another room, but that didn't even blink. This might be a problem with the cables though.

    PLEASE, can we get another confirmations for the new drivers solving this issue?
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