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Okay, so I dropped my iPhone 3G from my pocket, and ever since then the lower half of my screen hasn't been responding. The picture is there, but when I touch it nothing happens.
So I can't unlock it because the "slide to unlock" button is in the non-working section, plus I've got a pass lock on it, and I can't press the numbers.

I've reset it to factory settings, but it's still not working.

Is there anything I can do without sending it in for a repair?

Windows Vista
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    Not sure what you mean by "reset it to factory settings", was this a Restore in iTunes?

    Have you tried to Reset it, i.e., hold down the sleep and home buttons, ignore the power off slider, when the Apple logo appears let go of the buttons.

    If that does not work be aware you will have to replace your iPhone through Apple as it will not be covered under the warranty. Or you can try a 3rd party repair site.
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    I reset it holding the buttons, and when that failed I reset it in iTunes.
    It still doesn't work.
    I have insurance for it though, so I could get it replaced. I'm just hacked off that I can't read my texts and what not that are sitting waiting to be read.
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    Time to make a claim through your insurance company. Was this through your household insurance or a 3rd party? (Just curious, my insurance company won't cover my iPhone).
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    Did you ever get it to work? I'm having the same problem.
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    I had the same problem with my iPhone 2G. After a drop the touchscreen of my iPhone would'nt respond anymore. So I tried a hard reset by holding de menu button together with the on/off button until it restarts The first time had no result but after the third time my iPhone worked again!

    Keep trying!

    Good luck!
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    Try forcing your phone in to safe mode then doing a fresh restore of the software. Whilst holding down the home button, connect your iPhone to your computer (with iTunes open) and keep the home button pressed. you have to wait a good 15 seconds or so, but eventually a message will pop up on your computer screen telling you the iPhone is in safe mode, then simply follow the instructions to restore.