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Also my ipod volume jumps to as loud as it can go and sometimes refuses to turn down ,but my up volume and power/hold buttons no longer work ;if by some miracle i can turn it off it automatically dies and won't turn back on , is there anything i can do for this? i got my itouch in december, is it covered by any sort of automatic warranty?

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    Have you tried resetting your iPod? To do this, turn the Hold switch on, then off and press-and-hold the Menu and Select (centre) buttons for ten seconds. The Apple logo will appear and then the iPod will return to the main screen.

    If this does not fix the problem, try resetting a couple more times and if that doesn't work, try a Restore. Be aware though, that Restore will remove all the content from your iPod, so if you have deleted songs etc. from iTunes, you will lose them.