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I'm having trouble for some random reason uploading my pictures. Normally when I plug in the cord a thing pops-up where i can pick to view it using a folder, but today nothing is popping up. I've restarted the phone, computer, everything..


Windows Vista
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    Could be a couple of things.

    First, do you have pictures on your iPhone to take off?
    If you don't it won't see it as a camera as the iPhone won't tell the computer it is a camera if it doesn't have pictures on the camera roll.

    Second. Make sure the iPhone is not locked when you plug it in.

    Third, at some point you may of accidentally told it not to ask anymore. If that is the case, you can just plug it in, then go to My Computer. It should be listed as a camera device there where it shows your hard drive(s) and other devices. You can just go into it like a folder and copy things off or choose the option in there to start the wizard.
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    I have Vista also, and had the same problem. Tried re-booting several times and nothing. Then suddenly, while I was on the phone with Apple of course, i plugged it in and it showed up again. This time I selected "always take this action" and told it to open a folder. i hope this will work, but have my doubts. It seems to be a Vista bug.

    I noticed when it was not wroking, that when I went to control panel and selected cameras and scanners, it did not show up and the computer could not find it. It also showed up in device manager as an unknown usb device and it could not find the driver for it.
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    I'm having the exact same problem now - I can charge my iPhone through USB but my computer (also running on Vista) cannot detect my iPhone and the pop-up doesn't appear either!

    What should I do now?
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    what if i have OS X? my iphone isnt showing up as a camera on iphoto anymore, i checked the iphoto settings and its supposed to open when ever a camera is attached but its not!!

    help please!!
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    Be sure you plug in the iphone before you open iphoto.

    Hope this helps.
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    My iPhone does not show as a camera in iPhoto (iLife 08) ever since I updated to iTunes 8.1.1. Not very happy. At first it iPhone wouldn't sync with the album in iPhoto until I forced it to do so. A message said this was the wrong iPhoto file (only one file is being used in my iMac, so that was simply not correct).

    I sure would like this BUG to be corrected, maybe its a way to get me to upgrade to iLife 09. Is there a way to tell Apple there is a Bug in iTunes regarding syncing to iPhoto? Maybe Apple has someone reading these posts.
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    I identify with your problem. This is what worked for me.

    1. go to "accounts" in the system preferences, system area
    2. create a new administrator account - name and password of your choice
    3. detach the iPhone — log-out of your account and log back in as this new account
    4. attach the iPhone and launch iphoto while logged-in as the new account
    5. try to import from the phone
    6. if it is possible, then log out and back-in as you
    7. try importing again

    (this worked for me) I owe thanks to a guy called "No" from the staff @ Apple phone support. Unfortunately he's not able to post answers to our questions on this discussion......... pity.

    why does this work? - seems as though the "path" from iPhone to iPhoto can become lost. setting-up the new account re-establishes the pathway. Once re-established, the system is more than able to follow that path for all accounts.
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    I too am having this problem, it has never happened before.

    I've tried all of the suggested methods and nothing has worked, and the phone isn't coming up in the list of devices in my computer, so I'm clueless as to how to fix this!

    All I do know is that a new version of Norton 360 was installed to my PC yesterday, however I don't think this is the problem as I have tried disabling it yet the phone still won't pop up. It does still sync to iTunes though, which is strange.

    Windows Vista
    iPhone 3G
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    I am a MAC man and the prior post outlines what worked for me. I wish you the best.
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    Well I hope all will be surprised! I read jsoard's post and rather than make a new admin account, I simply logged out of my account, shut down and re-booted. WHAM! when I connected my iPhone G3, up came iPhoto and all was well.

    Maybe this is a System error since the iPhoto would not mount the iPhone camera, but iTunes did??

    Thanks for all the suggestion!
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    I have had the same problem. I checked on my pc when i last uploaded photos from my phone & i then went to system restore & checked what has been installed since then. I then followed the instructions to do a system restore to the date i last uploaded my pictures & that has sorted the problem. I'm not sure if it was a windows vista update or a norton update which caused the problem as they both happened on the same day.
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    I was experiencing the same problem. My laptop has multiple USB ports, and the iPhone doesn't show up as a removable drive unless I plug it into the same port it was initially plugged into. It has to be the same USB port that I used the first time I plugged it in.
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    I had the same problem & i've spent ages trying to sort it out & today i think i've cracked it. Go into the Control Panel, click on Device Manager, then click on Portable Devices. If you have got Apple iPhone & a ! in a yellow triangle that is the problem. Right click on it & go into Properties, click on Driver & click on Uninstall. You will get a warning click on OK. This will uninstall the USB cable. Take out the USB lead & then attach it to your PC again & this seems to solve the problem. Sorry its long winded but it worked for me today.