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It looks like a screw is broken on the metal frame around my screen causing the bottom left corner to pop out and warp when the lid is closed. I took it in to an authorized service center and they told me that the only way to fix it is to replace the entire screen--for $1500--even though there is nothing wrong with the display. Is there not any way to just buy the metal frame?
thank you.

macbook pro
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    For some models of MacBook Pro the only part available is the clamshell assembly, which includes the LCD panel, rear housing, bezel and other parts. These parts cannot be purchased separately from Apple and that's why the AASP has quoted you such a price.

    If you can find the individual part online (either second hand or third party) then it can be fitted, but finding someone who can do a good job outside of Apple or an AASP will be tough.
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    Thank you. I live in Beijing, so the chances of finding them are slim. This thing has been a bit of a lemon all along, especially for the cost. Probably not buying Apple again!