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I recently had an issue with my iphone 3g where the accelerometer (sp) was not working correctly. I had it switched out at an apple store for a new (refurbished) iphone. since receiving this phone (with the same applications installed) it will not hold a charge for more than 4 hours. I have done a full wipe of the phone and did not back up from my computer. No wifi, no fetch, no bluetooth. I unplug from the charger in the morning and put it in my pocket where it sits all day. No texting, talking, browsing. At most I take it out of sleep to check the time. I read through the discussion board but I know the issue isn't location services or any of the other battery draining settings because my other phone had no issues with this. Do I need to go back to the apple store and will they replace my phone again? Thanks for any help/suggestions!

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Bring it back to the Apple store. You already went through the normal steps I would have someone take to see if it was a problem with the software of the iPhone. Tell them all the steps you went through and if you feel more comfortable calling Apple's tech support before you make an appointment and go into the Apple Store, go ahead and do that.
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    didn't think about calling them first before driving 40mins to the store..lol. If I am under warranty is phone support free? Also, I feel like I should have got the extended care for the phone..since I may be getting a 3rd one in 1 year:( Too bad your 1 year doesnt reset when you get a replacement
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    As long as you are under the 1 year mark from when you bought the iPhone, you can buy the Apple iCare warranty. It is $70 and in my opinion, well worth it, as you get a in store replacement if they can't fix it in the store, extends the warranty up to 2 years and also includes the battery (which is the biggest issue when you keep any phone for the full two years). I don't know if you still have phone support coverage, I've always called them, but I purchased the iCare warranty when I bought my phone, so I'm not sure how long phone support is good for on the iPhone without it.

    Calling them won't hurt you though, because the worst that will happen is they tell you that you don't have phone support.
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    sounds like you are having an app issue. you must have, at some point, synced it into itunes, remove that from itunes and from the phone.
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    I deleted the app twitteriffic (sp). I have a feeling that somehow that might have been the issue. It asked for permission to use location services when first launched that I allowed. That was the only thing I did yesterday before coming to work on my phone. It ran warm all day which means something was running. I deleted the app lastnight and am testing the phone out today to see if that is indeed the issue. Thanks for your help
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    it was the app twitteriffic...thanks for the help