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It gives me the option to do this in the "FILE' tab at the top of my ITunes screen, but it doesn't physically add this new folder to my library list of folders. I want to add a new folder because I want upload pic's from my PC onto my ITouch.

Unless there is another way to upload pic's, that someone can possibly help me with??

Thanks a lot!

Dell Optiplex 755, Windows XP
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    There are a couple of different folder options under File. The first folder option you see in iTunes is for adding a playlist folder to your iTunes source list. If you have a lot of playlists you can organise them by creating folders and dragging different playlists into the folder of your choice: iTunes for Windows - Organizing playlists into folders

    The other option File>Add Folder to Library is for adding music or video files to your iTunes Library. Photos are not added to your library. In the case of photo, iTunes is only used to select a folder of photos on your hard drive to sync with the iPod

    Here's a simple "How To" on downloading and managing photos from a folder on your hard disk to an iPod:
    1 Create a folder on your hard drive (in Windows Explorer) to hold the photos you want on your iPod. Call it iPod Photos for example
    2 Drag the photos you want from your usual picture folder into the folder you just created
    2 Open iTunes, select your iPod in the iTunes Source list.
    3 Click the Photos tab and select “Synch photos from.”
    4 Choose “Choose Folder” from the pop-up menu and select the iPod photos folder you created.
    5 When you want to change what photos are on the iPod just add or remove the photos from the folder you have made and syncronise the the iPod
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    Awesome! Thanks so much
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    You're welcome, take care.