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Please help. I am creating a Keynote Presentation for a person who is running for public office, so time is of the essence right now. My desire is to add his voice (narration) to it. I've read the tutorials and watched the videos...both show that it is easy to do...Use the inspector, go to audio and press record, etc. I've done that. There is no voice when I try to play it back to see how it sounds. It almost sounds as if my microphone isn't on. I can hear the "click" when I play it back, but there is no voice. The KN stops where I stopped recording...so, it appears that the KN slides are working...just no voice. Is it possible that my microphone is off?

So...I've been reading through the posts for the last hour...am I missing something?

Also, I would like to be able to use this on a website for people who want to know more about the person as a candidate. Any additional tips for making this a reality?

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    Couple of questions: are you using a built-in microphone and if not, what type are you using? (You may need a preamp if using an external mic, but it depends on the type).
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    I think that wordwise guessed your problem correctly. Have you tried using your computer's built-in mic to see if that works? It would rule-out any other setup problems. If you must use an external mike and don't have a preamp, you might consider a USB mike. That's the easiest if not the highest quality solution.

    Another route would be to use a hand-held voice recorder and then to play the recording back into your computer's line input using a cable.


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    This is my recommendation.

    Step 1) Create your Keynote presentation.

    Step 2) Record your speaking part (separately) with an audio recording program.

    I recommend Audacity. It's a great free application. You can download Audacity from www.sorceforge.com among other places. You'll also want to get the Audacity LIB file that is needed to export your audio recording to .mp3.

    3) From the Keynote Inspector, under the Document tab, go to the audio section and add your new voice recording file to the Soundtrack.

    4) From Keynote, go to File, Record Slideshow.

    While the audio plays, click through your slides. This is getting the slide change time down.

    5) From Keynote, go to File, Export. Make sure to have the following settings:

    Playback Uses: Recorded Timing
    Include audio (sound files, movie audio): NOT SELECTED
    Include the slideshow soundtrack: NOT SELECTED
    Include the slideshow recording: SELECTED!!!

    Click next and your Keynote presentation should export to a .mov file (keep in mind, this .mov file has no audio. we'll take care of that in the last steps).

    6)Open the new .mov Keynote presentation in Quicktime Pro.

    7) Open the original .mp3 sound file in Quicktime Pro.

    8) Select All of the .mp3 file and then click CTRL + C to copy it.

    9) Go back to the .mov Keynote file and Select All. Then go up to Edit > Add to Movie.

    This adds your sound and movie file together.

    10) Finally click on File > Save As. Select, Save As A Self-Contained Movie and you're done.

    I Hope This Helps!
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    Thank you all!!! Out of desparation, I went to the Apple store...and guess what...I only needed to turn my computer's internal microphone on. It works beautifully!
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    I was just wondering if you an explain step by step what you did if so I can try it out. I dont know how to even record using my built in microphone.