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I bought my MAC and my HP4580 in October 2008. The connection between the two has always been problematical and I usually can correct this by disconnecting the power to the 4580 and reconnecting. I can print test pages no problem but my print queue box says my document has printed...but it lies as no documents will print.

Have downloaded latest drivers etc. and the only difference between now and when I last printed is that I've installed a new Orange livebox - this can't be the problem though surely as the printer connects to the Pc wirelessly with no intervention from the livebox?

I'm not too great with technical stuff but if anyone could help me I'd be very grateful.


Apple MAC, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    How is the printer connected to your Mac ? I'm kind of confused if it is on a port on the Orange live box or that you connect it locally via USB.
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    Hi there. Thanks for the response. My printer is wireless and I couldn't get it to print wirelessly after changing to the new, smaller Orange Livebox. I believe the problem is now resolved as I took the printer and livebox to my Apple shop where I have 1-2-1 lessons and the "Creative" there helped me. Many thanks for trying to help.
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    What did they do to help you? I have been struggling for a month -- Applecare tells me it's my cable company's issue -- and my cable company tells me to call HP who told me to update drivers (I already did that) & to call Apple. UGH!

    The printer setup says "The network configuration was successfully downloaded to the device. However to continue configuring the device in the network, your Mac must have access to the device. So please make sure that your Mac has access to the Network and retry."

    I have -- again and again! Any thoughts would be great -- Thanks
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    Hi there. Sorry for the delay but as the problem was resolved, I had no need to log in!

    Well, the guy at Apple got the livebox talking to the Mac. Then he did some stuff with the printer too but when I left the shop he wasn't sure if the printer would work wirelessly or not when I got home but it did! I had the same sort of message as you but I'm fortunate in that I bought a package of one to one lessons with my Mac so I took the equipment along to one of my lessons. I'm sorry I can't be more specific about the stuff he actually did but he told me to make sure that all references to the old livebox were removed from keychain and to delete all printers and then reinstall and it worked.
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    I figured it out -- Here's what I did (just for others' reference)
    I went to system preferences/print & fax and
    DELETED my wireless printer
    I installed the software for the printer
    Then clicked on the + to add a new printer
    rather than adding an IP printer on the pull-down menu, I added an "hp jetdirect socket"
    added my ip address
    and it FOUND the printer!
    I unplugged my USB and LO & Behold...it works! Thanks to all -- especially kicks4u2 who planted the idea that it might NOT be an IP setup!