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Sorry, but I have forgotten how to do this.

The Bass Guitar Audio is in G.
How do I change this to A ? (2 semitones UP)
Transpose only offers +12 and such.

Thanks you

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    A semitone is one step (i.e. to from C to C#) You would raise by 2 semitones to go from G to A.

    So the tranpose feature under inspector is actually offers +/- 36 semitones for virtual instruments

    If your track was already audio you would use the sample editor. Here you would raise the pitch by 200 cents (100 cents = 1 semitone) to go from G to A

    I guess the statement "Transpose only offers +12 and such". Is referring to the transpose feater on your keyboard (M3, Motif etc)
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    Hi angelonyc ,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I must be an idiot.
    I can't find how to change the 'cents' from within the Sample Editor.
    Could you point me to it?
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    Sample Editor -- 'Time and Pitch machine'

    100 cents is one half step on the piano(like from 'c' to 'c#'), so 200 cents is one hole step(like from 'c' to 'd'). 1200 cents is one octive.

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    Time and Pitch Machine is 'greyed' out with Apple Loops. (not active)
    Time and Pitch Machine is NOT 'greyed' out with .wav files.
    Time & Pitch Machine speeds up the audio file as semitones are moved up with wav files.
    Isn't there a process of using apple loops that does not cause artifacts?
    How do I activate Time and Pitch Machine with Apple Loops? (I have the region selected)

    I would hope Apple loops would stretch a few semitones without artifacts. (if I can get Time and Pitch Machine to become active)

    Thanks for the help guys!
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    I'm interested in this too. Changing the pitch of Apple Loops in Logic Pro. What's the easiest way?
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    To change pitch without changing the tempo or change tempo without changing the pitch, in the 'Time and Pitch Machine' window, use the 'free' transpose(cent) mode.
    To change them both together, use the 'classic' mode. (this is like changing the speed of a tape machine)

    To stretch without artifacts, try the different 'Algorithms' in the 'Time and Pitch Machine' window.

    I'm not sure, but the new apple loops are in the CAF format(Core Audio Format) for lossless file compression(retains highest audio quality), and the old format was AIFF.

    Does anyone on the forum know if this could be the reason apple loops don't open in the 'Time and Pitch Machine'? or Could it have something to do with the type of track the file is read from?

    I haven't used apple loops yet, but I have The new 'Logic Studio' that I bought today installing right now! So I'll goof around with apple loops tonight and see what it does for me.

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    Why complicate matters with time and pitch machine?

    To change pitch of an apple audio loop, simply select it (or multiple selections) and use the transpose feature in the inspector, what could be easier? You can even slice up loops to change only 2 beats etc.

    Don't forget to set the key sig in Global before you start, that'll at least ensure your apple loops match the initial key, which you change later anyhow without the existing loops in your arrange window changing. Setting global key correctly also ensures that if you look for a match for your temp/loop, Logic will show you in ascending/descending order those closest to that, and rates them with percentages, can be useful.


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    Transpose feature in 'Inspector' only moves in + or - 12 segments. ( 1200 cents). I need to adjust loops approx. 200 cents

    There has got to be a simple method of using A loops.
    Maybe A Loops are only geared to Garage Band?
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    *Transpose feature in 'Inspector' only moves in + or - 12 segments. ( 1200 cents). I need to adjust loops approx. 200 cents*

    No it doesn't, mine goes in semitones, like everybody elses.

    If you click on the 0 next to the transpose feature you get semitones.

    This isn't rocket science, RTFM.
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    "The Shad" is right:

    Clickdrag on the area where the number is...