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    I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one experiencing this problem with the 3rd gen shuffle. Mine worked perfectly for about a 2 months then it started ating up - the controls become unresponsive, the volume either goes so low you can't hear the song or so loud you have to turn the shuffle off. And like many of you guys, this happened with exercising. And if Apple thinks people don't use their iPods when exercising - especially the shuffle as it's so small and light - then they need to do some serious market/user research.

    I went from a 1st gen shuffle to the 3rd and was excited about this slick new device. But now I'm irritated and annoyed with it. I contacted Apple in South Africa, but they're much less helpful here than they are in the US and Europe. They won't replace my headphones - I need to send the whole thing in for testing first. But one thing is consistent: Apple here, like elsewhere, claims to have had no complaints about the new shuffle. Well, these forums tell a different story.

    Let's hope they can fix the problem (and don't ask me to wrap the controls in cling wrap). The shuffle may be Apple's 'baby' product, but I still think it's one of their best.
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    the same thing happened to me, in the exact same timeframe. this is unacceptable - especially considering that apple designed the shuffle to be used while working out. i don't perspire all that much, and it still happened to me - and that's not even the issue. this thing should be totally workout-proof.
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    dont know how much good it will do to pile on, but I bought a 3g Shuffle on Friday the 25th at the local apple store, and the headphone buttons quit working while running on Sunday the 27th. I wish I had read this discussion prior to purchasing...I would have stuck with the Nano or bought another brand. I went to the Apple store today to exchange, and they are closed for remodelling for a week. Its silly to expect buyers to tie loops in cords and use tape so that the product will work. they need a headphone fix asap!
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    Oh come on people…We are talking about the same Apple that had be sued in order to resolve the issue with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation ipod battery issues (pre 31/5/04). People seem to assume that Brand value is important to Apple and they would therefore look to resolve the issue quick smart. History says different….

    …and clearly there is rhyme to their reason as this thread demonstrates the lengths and expense that consumers will go to in order to continue consuming their deficient shuffle. Adaptor, bags, tape… Some spend more money on Apple products or Apple licensed products to try and fix the issue or even upgrade to the more expensive Nano....All Apple revenue and everyone a justification for Apple doing nothing....Come on people. Get a refund and buy a different brand or a least get a replacement, lodge a complaint and keep getting replacements until the problem is fixed…
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    I've had the same issues as everyone else. I bought my shuffle purely for my running and into my 2nd run the volume lowered to inaudible and controls stopped functioning. My low tech but effective solution has been to seal all the access points on the control with a thin strip of clear flexible silicon sealant (primarily used for sealing leaks/gaps on plumbing jobs) since then I have been on 20+ runs with no issue
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    Well, after reading all the posts I am glad I am not alone on the headphones. What is the deal with them I am on set number 3 and they all stop functioning after a they get wet and when I take them back they just shake their heads and give my a whole i-pod replacement. I like the 4g for song storage but I am sick of the headphone problem and may go back to the old style. Why did they think this was a good design? I think re-call is in order soon. Apple is aware of the problem they tell me.
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    Does anyone know of a replacement headset that will work?
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    any possibility to give the shuffle back with money reimbursment ? I hate it and will not use it anymore ...
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    Happens to me all the time. I returned the first set to Apple and the second set does the same thing
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    I've had the same problem with the headphones and sweat. I've tried drying them out with some success over the last 4 months. Now they do not respond at all. Any real fix out there? I need a replacement!
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    Yep, I'm having the same problem. The controls worked fine for a few workouts and then yesterday I started having problems controlling anything with the darn thing. Seems sweat does the little earphone control switch... Thing needs to be better isolated from moisture.
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    Me too...

    This problem is very bad for Apple. I went into the store today to complain and I spoke with an associate yesterday on the phone regarding the issue. They assured me they were working on it...we'll see what happens...
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    Follow up to my previous post. Went into the apple store and the manager at the genius bar was very nice and pulled a new headset right off the wall and exchanged it without question. If this is a chronic problem then perhaps the more robust nano 5th gen is a better bet.

    I lugged along my 80g ipod brick for years without ever having a problem.

    It is a shame really because the shuffle size just kicks a$$ for working out. Maybe a dollop of silicone cement at the ends of the clicker control would solve the problem (and void the warranty).

    We live in an imperfect world but I suppose if a wonky headphone is my biggest gripe today life must be good... Happy Holidays
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    I'll just pile on here to help Apple understand how widespread this problem is.

    I bought the iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen in June 2009 and soon started having the same problems as everyone else here -- the buttons on the remote either become unresponsive or start sending phantom signals to the iPod. I have had the headphones replaced in the Apple store three times and I'm about to go in again.

    This is all a shame because this product is otherwise ideal for workouts and clearly marketed as such. I considered "upgrading" to the Nano to avoid the headphone issue but (a) I like the size of the Shuffle and (b) I don't feel like rewarding Apple by buying a more expensive product.

    I do hope Apple addresses this. Until then, I guess I'll keep replacing the headphones while I'm under warranty and try the silicon sealant trick after that -- but I sure won't be in a rush to buy any other Apple hardware until Apple fixes what they should have gotten right in the first place.

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