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Is it possible to somehow "undo" my last sync? I had all of my contacts on my iPhone and none in my computer (Microsoft Outlook). My goal was to copy all of my contacts that I have in my iPhone into Microsoft Outlook on my computer but when I did the sync it replaced all of my contacts in my iPhone with those that I had in Microsoft Outlook (which was none). Basically it erased all of my contacts in my iPhone.

Dell, Windows XP
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    Had you previously synced your iPhone to the computer without syncing contacts?
    If you did you can restore the iPhone from the previous backup that would have been created. If you hadn't your a bit out of luck unfortunately unless you store your contacts somewhere else like on MobileME for example.
    For future reference when syncing to combine contacts and calendars you need to connect the iPhone but don't sync choose manually manage music/video's etc... Add a bogus contact into windows contacts and the calendar. Once this is done you can choose to sync just contacts and calendar entries. Since both the iPhone and the PC have information in it iTunes will ask you if you would like to merge data so choose that option. Then you can go back to auto syncing. It doesn't ask normally as the sync process is generally a one way process PC>iPhone not two way as the iPhone is an accessory of the PC not the PC an accessory of the iPhone
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    As an FYI, if you are currently syncing iTunes content and you select manually manage music and videos, this will erase all iTunes content from the iPhone.

    If you are syncing iTunes content, you don't need to select manually manage music and videos before syncing contact info with a supported address book application that you haven't synced your iPhone with and is not currently being used to store contact info - the address book is empty. Just don't sync the iPhone before entering one contact in the supported address book application on your computer. Select the supported address book application under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences followed by syncing. This will provide a merge prompt when syncing contact info, which you want to select without having to erase all iTunes content on your iPhone which will occur if manually manage music and videos is selected - unless you are already manually managing music and videos.