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Thunder Tiger Level 1 Level 1
whenever im connected to a wireless network using airport safari will work fine for the first few minutes, then will suddenly just stop loading pages. the blue loading bar in the address box will get just past the www. part of the address, then stop ?

when i click the airport button, it says 'airport:searching'. the only way to make safari start loading again is to turn airport off and on again, but then there's no telling how long it will last before it does it again. could be a few seconds or minutes.

however when using a wired connection, it works flawlessly.

any help greatly appreciated !

13" macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 2GHz Intel Core 2 duo 4GB RAM
  • nerowolfe Level 6 Level 6
    Your problem has nothing to do with Safari. It is your WiFi connection that needs attention.
    You are losing your Airport connection. There are many reasons for this - local interference (other computers, microwave ovens, cellphones, etc.), poor or low signal strength to name a few.
    If Airport indicates it is searching, it has lost the WiFi connection for some reason.
  • Thunder Tiger Level 1 Level 1
    i sit in the living room with my macbook, and my router is in the office directly above me. Airport is showing full signal, and my other windows vista based laptop shows 100% signal and never drops out.

    My Router is a Belkin N1 Vision. wireless encryption is on (WPA/WPA2 - PSK) Encryption Technique TKIP & AES. Ive tried turning off encryption and still no luck. airport always shows full signal when connected to it, but still loses connection.

    i have tried other wifi networks & hotspots and get the same problem.

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    I have the same problem with different wifi networks, and different browsers some update must have changed the way airport acts, and it is very frustrating to have to turn it off and then reconnect and wait. I watch my traffic with istat and soon as my connection starts acting up i see all my traffic flatline on the graph. Help us out Apple.
  • ScRain Level 1 Level 1
    Well i got the exactly same problem with my wifi & Safari. With my Mac Book as well as running Win 7 & Safari on my desktop PC. The point is, no matter if running OS X on my MacBook or Win 7 on my Desktop PC it got the same problem with Safari and this issue doesnt show up while running Firefox / Opera or even Chrome.

    Sys: MSI K9N Diamond, AMD X2 Ahtlon 3,0 GHz, 3 different kind of USB WLAN adaptors (happening with all of them, Win7. MacBook 15" with 2GHz Intel Dual Core.

    Router is an T-Online branded Speedport W 303 V