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My Power Mac has been acting strange since I reinstalled Tiger. It takes about five minutes to boot if you have not used it in a few hours. When I tried to reinstall os x, it would not boot from the disk, wether I held C at start up, or load the disk in os x. This means I can not reinstall os x to try and solve a possible problem. I have also tried booting in safe mode, but it does not work.

17"PB G4 iMac G4 700 mhz Mac book pro 2.8ghz iMac g3 600 mhz Powermac G4 733mhz, Other OS
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    Hi! The dvd drive could be problematic. Are you using a retail install disc...black with s silver x on it? Tom
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    Sorry mate, I don't think I wrote the question well. Its not booting from the hard drive or dvd drive. I bought the disk from the apple store about a year ago.
  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,701 points)
    Mac OS X Install discs are "incorruptible" sources of known-good software. If your Mac cannot boot from an appropriate CD/DVD, it has a Hardware problem. When booting from the CD/DVD, the stuff on your Hard Drive is ignored.

    If you have a 10.4 CD/DVD or later and can get it to boot, there is a "Diagnostics" item in Apple System Profiler than can be helpful. Also, inspect the "Memory" item in Apple System Profiler to see if all your memory is recognized as working.

    It almost never hurts to Reset the PRAM/PMU by holding down the tiny button nearest the battery for a quarter minute, then waiting five seconds before proceeding.
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    I managed to get my g4 to start, after leaving it load for 20 minutes. According to system profiler, there are no errors with my system. I also tryed resetting the pram, but that didnt work.
  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,701 points)
    You must have 128 MB RAM to install, and 256 MB is really about the minimum to do any productive work in 10.4. More memory is always better.

    If it takes 20 minutes to load the CD, and you have enough memory, there may be something wrong with your CD disc or your CD drive.