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I bought the 4GB shuffle yesterday - connected to iTunes, registered, and sync'd. I left the shuffle connected to the USB port for three hours (made sure computer and port would not hibernate) - tried listening to the music and only got to hear the first 10 seconds or so, then it stopped. Turned it off, waited, turned it back on and skipped over several songs to hear a different one (in case the problem was that one song) - same thing, it cut off after 10-20 seconds. Plugged into USB port on desktop overnight (in case there was a problem with the laptop's port). Green light was on this morning (yes, in all previous instances, the light on the iPod was green) - tried it out and made it to about 20 seconds and it shut off. Ran to the store, bought the AC wall adapter (by Apple for the shuffle) and let it charge three hours - woo hoo, got to hear 20 seconds of a song. I have restored twice, reinstalled iTunes, restored again, etc. Does anyone have any clue as to what the problem is??

Toshiba, Windows Vista
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    What's the origin of the music?
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    iTune downloads
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    Have you updated the firmware of the shuffle to 1.0.2?
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    Got the same problem here. It happens randomly. Just 5 Songs are ok and are played. But then the Shuffle stops playing. Can't do anything. Only turn off, wait 5 Seconds till no energy is on the earphoens (*noise in the earphones*), then turn on again. Now the Player is working again, but only for the next 5 + x songs
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    My Shuffle is having a similar problem. It worked great for the first few months but now it cuts off the last half of several songs. It doesn't do it to all of them and restoring it didn't correct the issue.

    I haven't yet figured out how to fix it yet.
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    Are you referring to the 3rd Gen shuffle which was introduced in the 2nd week of March, or the older 2nd Gen shuffle?
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    3rd Gen Shuffle here, and mine does the same thing. I too have tried restoring, etc, nothing seems to improve it. Like the other poster, I am certain it is fully charged, and I know it's not damaged, as it's fresh out of the box. When I toggle on-off-on, the voiceover confirms that the battery is fully charged. I'm really bummed, as I love Apple and my family has bought at least one of everything they've made since the Apple II, and I've always found their products to be nothing short of awesome.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I also just got the 3G 4 GB Shuffle about 3 weeks ago and am having the same problem. It's really frustrating and I've spent way too much of my time trying to figure out the solution. This is the first Apple product I've ever purchased and unless there's an epiphany moment in the next couple of days, it'll be the last.

    I've also restored the Shuffle 3 times, sync'ed it twice and updated all the software (running the latest ITunes, Ipod, and VoiceOver software).

    Any ideas?
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    Open itunes on your desktop computer. Right click on the song (control clock for those of you without a right click button). Go to get info selection. Click on the "options" tab. Unclick the stop time options box which lets you stop a song after a certain time. Re-synch. You should be all set. A few of my song suddenly had this setting enabled for unknown reasons. Ghosts?
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    This is an old post but I am having this problem with my iPod shuffle gen 4.  It will play song then fade out like it is just going thru the intro.  I have restored twice with no luck.  It worked this morning fine when I went jogging and I thought, "Great, it works now."  Then this afternoon it was right back to not working again.

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    Same here.  A certain few songs (out of hundreds in my library) will play fine on the Macbook, but after syncing to IPhone 5s, they play for about 12-13 seconds then go quiet or play next song (already 12-13 seconds into the  ext song, incidentally.)


    Any advice?


    I've deleted songs from iPhone, resynced, etc. ...still nothing.

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    Changing out the head set for a new one has solved my problem thus far.  Has to be the newer earbud style.