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I bought the 4GB shuffle yesterday - connected to iTunes, registered, and sync'd. I left the shuffle connected to the USB port for three hours (made sure computer and port would not hibernate) - tried listening to the music and only got to hear the first 10 seconds or so, then it stopped. Turned it off, waited, turned it back on and skipped over several songs to hear a different one (in case the problem was that one song) - same thing, it cut off after 10-20 seconds. Plugged into USB port on desktop overnight (in case there was a problem with the laptop's port). Green light was on this morning (yes, in all previous instances, the light on the iPod was green) - tried it out and made it to about 20 seconds and it shut off. Ran to the store, bought the AC wall adapter (by Apple for the shuffle) and let it charge three hours - woo hoo, got to hear 20 seconds of a song. I have restored twice, reinstalled iTunes, restored again, etc. Does anyone have any clue as to what the problem is??

Toshiba, Windows Vista