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I received some iTunes credit through an online event I entered. However I do not have credit card information in my iTunes account and I don't use iTunes store that often, so I want to send that credit to my friend. The problem is both the sender and I have a US account (so I had no problem redeeming it), but how do I transfer that credit to my friend if he has a Canadian account? I already redeemed the code and the money is in my account, because it said "this code will only work in the US store", I want to transfer the actual money amount to his account.

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Reply by Katrina S. on Apr 19, 2009 4:31 PM Helpful
In that case you could just forward the email to your friend and see if they can redeem it in their account, if it's got a code to type in.

There is no way you're getting USA credits to go to an Canadian account, though. The iTS terms forbid htat - so does every online MP3 seller. The rights holders have different deals in each country. Amazon, emusic, Rhapsody, all of them are the same. No cross-border sales.

If you try to buy a USA itunes gift card, it expressly states it can only be redeemed inteh USA store.

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