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I'm going to be using my new Mac Pro for editing corporate videos and I want to use an external firewire800 LaCie 1tb drive from my windows computer on my Mac.

I've gone to the disc utility screen and not sure which format I should re-format it as. I've been told to use MAC OS EXTENDED but there is several flavours: journaled, case-sensitive, etc.

I need it to be as fast as possible but also reliable and able to handle large video files (e.g. 60gb HD files.

Mac Pro 2.66ghz Quad Core (2009)
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    Select the drive in Disk Utility (be sure to select the drive, at the left, not the volumes indented below it), click the "Partition" tab, set "Volume Scheme: to "1 Partition", click the "Options" button, choose GUID, then click "OK". Set "Format" to "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)", enter a volume name, then click "Apply". Use Case-Sensitive only if you need files where the names differ only by case, such as one file named "abc" and a different file named "Abc". Some Applications won't work if installed on Case-sensitive volumes, so don't format a boot drive in that format
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    The Mac can read and write FAT32 and FAT16 volumes, and it can read NTFS volumes (cannot write to NTFS). FAT32 will only allow files up to 4 GB in size, so it's really not acceptable for video. The Mac generally reads it's own format, Mac OS Extended faster and more reliably.

    If you need platform independence, you have a few options.
    1 - Get Windows machines to read Mac OS Extended with special software.
    2 - Get the Mac to write to NTFS with special software

    Because of the way the Mac manages external hard drives, option #1 is ideal. But you should keep in mind, the Mac will run your FireWire 800 drive faster than the Windows machine not because of compatibility, but due to the fact that Windows doesn't support FireWire 800 and limits transmission with those devices to FireWire 400 speeds (or so I've been told).

    The Mac Pro will partition using the GUID Partition Table scheme by default. This partition scheme is required to boot an Intel Mac, but not for simple reading and writing of data. I'm not sure what implications this might have on the ability of your Windows system to read the data, but it's worth checking. It's possible that the Windows software might not recognize GUID, but I'm not sure.

    I think most people who edit video professionally on the Mac are choosing to alleviate this confusion by avoiding Windows altogether. That works very well.

    Use Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
    Case-sensitive can sometimes cause problems and is best avoided.
    Interesting to note, Adobe software won't run on a case-sensitive volume.
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    Given all the problems with LaCie and Firewire, I would use it for secondary backup only and nothing else.

    Drives today are faster than FW800 so invest in a PCIe SATA controller; case(s); and some good solid SATA drives. Maybe that can be setup in RAID.

    Sonnet's Tempo 4-channel card is a good start. FirmTek for a dual or 5-drive enclosure. WD enterprise or raid enabled drives, or Hitachi.

    I would not trust my files or work to LaCie.
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    Some Applications won't work if installed on Case-sensitive volumes so don't format a boot drive in that format

    Gah! I just found out that Adobe Flash CS4 won't install *at all* because my boot drive is Case-Sensitive....
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    I would not trust my files or work to LaCie.

    All of the LaCiE drives that my family or friends have bought have died after about 9 months. It's usually the enclosure that dies - we could rescue the actual drive in each case - but none of us would buy LaCiE again.

    We've discovered this:


    ..which has been quiet, reliable and is styled to match the Mac.

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    I had that same experience with Photoshop and Lightroom.

    The programmers at Adobe must be too lazy to check their filenames...
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    WD Mac Edition externals:

    But I still go the "build your own"