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I am using MacBook with Leopard 10.5.6. My battery is not charging its shows green light which means battery is charged but in desktop bar there is "X" mark in battery icon. I contacted Apple cust.care they diagnose issue and suggest me to change battery so i purchased new battery for my MacBook which was chargeable . Now still my battery is not charging it shows status as "no batteries available"

Do i get help from any one who is facing same issue. Your help will be really appreciable.

Sunny Marzara
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MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • RonAnnArbor Level 4 Level 4
    Nobody here can help you with that here. You are having a charging power problem and your macbook needs repair.
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    Did they have you reset the power manager on your MacBook? You can find the steps here:


    Also FYI this is the MacBook Air forum, you may get more responses in the MacBook forum.
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    Hi Sunny,

    As Edmund indicated, this is the MacBook Air forum and you'll be better served by posting in the appropriate hardware forum. The good news, I'm sure some owners of the MacBook post/view this forum as well.

    If the battery has been replaced and the machine is still not able to properly detect the battery, the next step is indeed a hardware repair or some hand's on diagnostics by an Apple technician to isolate the problem. As it'd seem unlikely that two batteries are bad and the problem at this point. Do you have an ARS or AASP in your area?
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    Thanks for your suggestion. You are right i should post my question in hardware forum.
    After posting my question here in apple forum i been to apple service centre in India, New delhi but the engineer told me that i would be mother board problem and he estimate for repair is Indian Rupees 45,000.00(Fourty five thousand ) which come to US$ 937.00( Nine hundred and thirty seven)

    Its quite big amount i can buy new mac book if i make my mind for repair. But i found him not perfect guy for apple thought he was apple specialist.

    any how thanks for your suggest.
    Sunny Marazara
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    Thanks for your help but sorry your help did not come mature.

    Sunny Marzara