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I still don't think I like iMovie 8 because it doesn't let me do much of what I can with iMovie HD, but I am trying to learn to use it anyway.

I am trying to export a 1hr 28 min project as a quicktime movie so I can burn it with iDVD or Toast, but I am having a lot of trouble. Last night I set it up to export the movie to an external drive, and freed up over 10G on my main hard drive. When i woke up there was no movie on the external and now just over 5G left on my main HD. I'm assuming it used all my free HD rendering and crashed, but I can't find any kind of render file to clean out and get my other 5G back before I try again. Can you set it to put work/render files on an external drive?

One feature I really like about iMovie HD is how you can use a linked movie to do a menu-less burn in Toast (show package contents/shared movies/iDVD). Is there any way to do this in iMovie 8 so I can skip the whole exporting process?

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