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Greetings all,
I have a phantom user on my new macbook version 10.5. I've noticed quite a few times now how the cursor will just start moving across the screen from left to right on its own. I've taken my hands off the keyboard/pad and I've even placed the laptop on a flat surface (table) and stopped touching it. But, the cursor will still float across the screen. I move it back to the left and remove my hands, and it again floats to the right.

I've Googled on this and only found some info on this phenom for Dells. Anyone know what might be causing this to happen? Is there a preferrence or setting I can adjust?

Thanks for any info!

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • Oaks Mac Level 1 Level 1

    I responded to the same issue another person just posted. Not sure if it will help but here's the other post:

  • Pancenter Level 6 Level 6
    I have an older IBM Thinkpad with the "Trackpoint" cursor control.

    From the docs:

    "NOTE: The cursor may drift. This is not a defect. Do not use the TrackPoint until the cursor stops moving."

    heh... doubt if it's normal Mac behavior but it sounds like the same thing.

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    Thanks for the tips. I will look to the preferences to see if I can minimize the cursor moving on its own. I guess I am more worried that it was a sign of some problem. I've only had the macbook for a month now and I did not want any issues this soon. Also, as said, I'm totally new to macs, so I didn't know if this was some normal, yet quirky, behavior.

    Thanks again.
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    I had a similar problem and got fed up with it so i decided to reinstalled the whole Mac OS X system software. It has seemed to fix the problem and isn't messing around.
    If it happens again im taking my mac to a mac store for them to fix, it shouldn't be happening with a new mac, but i am thinking its a software fault (getting corrupt for some reason)