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What i want to do is when I step away from my computer for lunch or to walk around the office etc, I want to be able to still have my laptop open (safari, & mail) but HIDE ical. And if someone was to come to my laptop while i am away and open my Ical, it would prompt them for a password.

Also I dont want to completely close out Ical because opening it up and downloading the information from different calendars takes a long time.

I have searched and think this isn't possible?

Is there a easy way to set this up?



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    To be honest I don't think that it is possible. I mean if someone else does know of a way I would love to be proven wrong. However here is a solution you might try. Set a Password for your screen saver, and then set your screensaver either to a hot corner on your screen so that you can quickly lock your screen or possible set your screen saver to be active in say like 10 min of inactivity. Then Open up System Preferences/Accounts/ hit the lock in the lower left to authenticate/ and check (Enable Fast User Switching), then turn on Guest (Allow guest to login into this computer).

    What that will do is allow someone to get on your computer if they need to, but not have access to your account. Including your iCal. But allows you to have your programs running on your account.

    Hope that helps,