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Jyrki Kallio Level 1 (60 points)
There are a lot of posts about migrating to Leopard but I didn't find this particular issue:

I used the Migration Assistant after finishing the installation on my new MacBook (10.5.6). I set it to move one user account, software, documents and everything else (save networking preferences) from my old PowerBook G4 (10.4.11).

Instead of moving the user, it moved everything from that user and put it under a user on the new MacBook. That is to say, it did not create a new user on my new machine which would have had the name of the old user. Now everything is there and seems to work fine, but the Keys still carry the name of old user.

Has something gone wrong or is that the normal way fro Migration Assistant to do things? Is there a problem having the Keys under a different name from the user name?

(I noticed that when I first put Migration Assistant to work during the installation process, it did move entire users, so that the user account would be identical with the old machine in my new machine. However, due to problems relating to Intel and non-intel software I had to reinstall the system, after which I proceded according to what I explained above.)

MacBook 13", Mac OS X (10.5.6)