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It is interesting that one of the most common problems people are experiencing with this product is not being discussed on this board. Are they being deleted? Do a search on the internet and it is a hot topic. The new shuffle cannot handle moisture. It dies. I have had three already. Since this product is calling athletes to use it, runners, etc, it is unbelievable that 'sweat' burns them out. To bad because I really like this product, but it is essentially worthless since it cannot even moderate sweat or drizzle

Any comments.

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Lots of them:

    As I posted, I use the saran wrap method on mine and it works fine. Not elegant but it will do for now until Scoshe releases their adapter in June and I can use my preferred headphones.
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    I'm on my 2nd one. major design problem in my opinion. I don't even use the aapple phones, and got some sweat on the shuffle itself, it died a quick death. Now I'm afraid to use the new one they gave me.
    I wanted an ipod I could exercise with and not worry about, this ain't it.
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    IF you're referring to the 3rd Gen shuffle , the simple solution to prevent moisture entry is to clip it on upside down ( switch and earphone plug downwards).
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    I'll try the upside down method, but I doubt it will make a difference. Right now, about 30 minutes into my workout the iPod Shuffle goes all crazy (volume goes to MAX, then goes way down, and finally the thing shuts off, and won't turn on again).

    Here's the thing: I have it attached horizontally to my left pocket. There's hardly any sweat there.

    Does apple not do any product testing?
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    I've been in regular contact over the past three weeks with two Apple engineers assigned to helping to resolve this known issue. They emailed me today the following message:

    "Just an FYI... the 1.0.2 software for the Third Gen iPod Shuffle has been released, and should resolve the issue that you are having. ( There's been changes in how it handles the volume ramping)"

    I'm on my 3rd (and hopefully final) 3rd Gen Shuffle. First two had issues with sweat/moisture during running. Volume would go loud (max), then to nothing - after drying out would work for a while and then the problem repeated. With my last Shuffle which I obtained at the Apple Store as a replacement, I did three things to get it to work - and after numerous runs and hours of usage - IT DOES WORK; 1) create drip loop in right earbud wire just below earbud before the remote switch, 2) clip upside down so switch and earphone jack are facing the ground and 3) MOST IMPORTANT - download update version 1.0.2 software for the Shuffle 3rd Gen when syching to iTunes.
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    That's not true, I installed the new software, which specifically stated it would fix:

    -the volume increase/decrease problem
    -Some 'deep sleep' problem

    But yesterday and went crazy about 30 minutes into my workout, AGAIN!

    Bottom line, this is a hardware problem, and not a software one.
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    Mine has been doing this since day one. I have tried version 1.02 of the software. Nothing I do makes a difference, the volume was ramping down the next / button stopped working etc, etc. Now the controller on my headphones has stopped working altogether.

    More importantly I've been trying to log an online service/repair request all week and keep gettin the 'sorry we cannot service your request at this time please try later' message. I'm starting to really get hacked off. Thanks for your support Apple.
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    Return it.

    If you are over the 30 day return limit, get them to replace it, then sell it on Ebay for 75% of the price. Beets having a very light paper weight.
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    Or, while you wait for an adapter so you can use other headphones, try one of the other workarounds that have been posted here, such as wrapping it (the controls, not the device) in saran wrap with a piece of tape at the top end, PVC glue, or the loop. Since I've used the saran wrap I have had no issue with sweat in the controls, the saran wrap and a piece of tap cost next to nothing, and I didn't lose 25% of the cost of the Shuffle. Beats throwing you money away in a tantrum.
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    That makes total sense! It's been happening to me and that is probably why.
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    Well I'm worried when the adaptor comes out, apple will make me pay for it.

    My options right now are:
    1)sell my current iPod Shuffle at a loss, and wait for an improved version to be released

    2)Use my 1999 mp3 player and hope that the adaptor will be provided free of charge.
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    I can already pretty confidently state that Apple will (a) not release an adapter and (b) won't provide one for free. They might come out with updated headphones/controller.

    This is the adapter I'm waiting for:

    Is there a reason why putting some plastic wrap over the controller is out of your reach and not an option?
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    Using the saran wrap over the controllers my shuffle FINALLY lasted thru an entire run this morning. Don't know why I didn't think of that sooner.

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