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    Why should we even be talking about purchasing an adapter or using saran wrap? Bottom line is the 3rd generation shuffle is a piece of crap that does not perform the function that most of us purchase it for: excercise. Apple should be making this right. Yes, a recall is expensive, but Apple has made billions from ipod products. This design flaw is huge and renders the product virtually useless. We are making big issues right now with the problems Toyota is having. This should be just as big. Look at the sheer numbers of people on this support board who are experiencing the same difficulties. Apple, get off your a**ss and fix this problem or recall the product entirely.
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    for a quick McGiver fix you can wrap the volume control on the headset with teflon tape. this will keep all moisture out and you will still be able to operate the volume controls. I have been sweating away with no issues for over a month now.


  • snapcoyote Level 1 (10 points)
    I tried the saran wrap method but I was still experiencing the same problems during a workout. It doesn't seem like moisture is the only problem. Then I started grabbing the control at its ends and gently twist it back and forth in opposite directions. While doing so, the volume would occasionally activate and the light on the shuffle would blink. Eventually, the controls would start working again. I'm thinking during a workout, the controls are being flung around and might have an impact on the circuit in the controls. So twisting it might help with the connections on the circuit. Just an idea for people to try if your in the same situation.

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