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Corey Doras Level 1 Level 1
I do not have wifi at home. For the time being it is not a problem because I use my iPod touch mostly for photos and the calendar, but I feel I would like to try other things. When I connect the touch to the computer with the USB cable, it says it is not connected to the internet. Is there anything I can do to make it work or do I absolutely need wifi?

Corey Doras

Dell Dimension 4600, Windows XP
  • VA2020 Level 4 Level 4
    Yes, you need wi-fi to take advantage of the apps that require wi-fi. Any app that requires an internet feed (high scores, news, etc...) requires wi-fi.
  • Bob Pepin Level 1 Level 1
    I purchased an iTouch with the same intention: that it, to use it as a standalone replacement for a deceased PDA, and for my iPod. A couple of favorite PDA app/replacements could only be synched via a wifi connection to my desktop, however, and in the end I gave in and bought a router. It was a good (and relatively small) investment considering the myriad inexpensive/free and great apps available. If you can see your way clear to spending a little, you'll increase your iTouch's functionality a hundred fold.
  • Anna Sandham Level 4 Level 4
    i agree with bob, while wifi is not totally necessary for using an ipod touch, it does increase the functionality a lot, and is also a pretty worthwhile investment.
  • wcroll@comcast.net Level 1 Level 1
    can you tell a little more about your router? Does it need to be hooked up to an internet service? I already connect to the internet with my data card, and don't want to have to get a a router that connects as well. can a router simply broadcast wifi from the computer? I suspect these may be very novice questions, but I have had several conversations on the phone with the techs at apple and verizon, and no one seems to be able to help me connect my ipod touch apps with my computer. I am amazed that apple does not allow simple data transfer and storage to the ipod touch through the usb.

  • Bob Pepin Level 1 Level 1
    I bought the Apple Express router, ca $100. I understand there are cheaper manufacturers; I preferred to stay with Apple.

    The setup was relatively simple:
    Plug in the AE router to a wall unit
    Unplug the (internet) DSL line to the computer into the outlet on the AE router
    Follow the instructions for installing wireless communcation including setting a password
    and it was done.

    New iMacs come with a wireless card capable of broadcasting an internet signal (as long as the computer's plugged into some sort of internet service) and it is possible to set up a home network using that. However, as I understand it,the AE router has several advantages:

    stronger signal - 100 ft.; more likely to reach all parts of the house/apt.
    the desktop computer does not need to be turned on
    the broadcast protocol - WPA2 (Wi-fi Protected Access) - is more secure than the protocol the card uses -WEC (Wired Equivalent Privacy).

    I too was annoyed that synching more than iCal, Contacts and iTunes (photos, movies, etc.) was not possible without wifi; and that salespeople didn't alert me to this fact when I purchased the iTouch. It's true that many apps are standalone and don't rely on wi-fi, but it would've saved some time and frustration to know this upfront.
  • MacInBurksville Level 1 Level 1
    so, if my laptop has bluetooth, that is instead of a router? Or would a router also help me, in being able to use the ipod anywhere in the house? What about Airport, is that a router? I have one of those but thought there might be some problems using that for my computer? thanks for any help.