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First of all sorry for my bad english.
I have an Ipod Touch and i have a problem with connection the ipod to my computer. When i connect the ipod to my computer, itunes start's up but gives an error "iTunes cannot connect to the iphone caused by an unknown error (0xE8000065)" (it's written in dutch so its difficult to translate). I have done EVERYTHING. Remove iTunes, Apple update, Apple mobile device support. Reinstall iTunes newest version 8.1.1, after the reinstalation it works FINE but only the first time. When i disconnect the Ipod the same problem is back.. When i connect it to an other Pc it works fantastic and for more then just the first time (it keeps working). On the other PC i restored the Iphone with the shift button and in recovery mode. I used an other cable, other USB ports (nothing helps). Restarted Ipod service ... All i've readed i did.

Now my question is : I know its not the Ipod, but is it possible that it is a fold or is there a fix ? Because when i reinstall everything it works but only for 1 time after that the fold keeps on coming back

Windows XP
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    I have exactly the same problem after i upgraded to Itunes 8.1. The first time that i connect my ipod, it syncronizes. Afterwards, it crashes the pc and a blue screen comes up when I switch on the ipod touch.
    I tried to go back to itunes 7 but it says that this version does not support ipod touch.
    I hope that somebody can help.
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    I have an iPod Touch 8GB 1st Generation. and I had the same error (0xE8000065). I have read other posts, and found that all I needed to do was, after the error occured, shut off the iPod entirely (slide to shut off), and the reboot after a few seconds. I then attempted syncing again, and it seemingly worked with my iMac. I'm not sure if this is a Windows problem only. I recommend also looking on the iPhone discussions on this same topic.

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    I did'nt have the prolem that you guys seem to be having though, my computer was blue screening once aday so, I got avast about two weeks ago now and I have'nt blue screened once.
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    I had also a problem with connection the ipod touch to my laptop and I got the same error (0xE8000065). iTunes reinstall (newest version 8.2), other cable didn’t help.
    The problem was simply Firewall. Some services of Apple after update on new version were blocked by Firewall. I turned Firewall off by connection to USB-port and that’s all. Everything works.

    I hope this help also someone.
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    My friends were having trouble with this on an XP windows PC, they tried everything but install xp service pack 3, doing so after calling apple tech support on 1300 321 456 (australia).

    I left before they downloaded it, though it didn't work for flash drives (?) - new 1 week old ipod touch (version 2.?) and my iphone (version 3.0), although my Ipod nano (version 1.1.3) connected just fine.

    It was coming up as a message saying about a bad connection to an iphone when the ipod touch was connected too!

    I read something that seems possible only during the very first connection attempt, being a is connection is made. My friends swear they were able to transfer music to the new ipod touch connected up to the computer, not sure exactly what process, although after disconnecting the ipod touch is no longer recognised by the software properly.

    I'd rule out its a plug & charge cable (unless its damaged), you'll probably need the latest itunes and be running a PC with windows XP service pack 3.
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    Looks like Koffe was right - I've been search for a month now how to get my PC to see my itouch again after updating it to version 3 (I had also tried everything from removing all the Apple software from my PC, to completly wipping my touch, with no avail). Seems the firewall was the trick. I turned off the firewall and itunes saw my itouch right way, now even with the firewall back on itunes is able to see it.