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Hi there,

I'm brand new to appleTV - just got it today....

I have a Buffalo Linkstation NAS where I store all my media data (inkl. the music and videos for iTunes). In the manual of the Buffalo it says, it has a iTunes server - how can I connect from my apple TV directly to the NAS without going through the PC - that should be possible no??

thanks for your input

and PS - can I see photos on appleTV only if they are synchronized with my iTunes library?

cheers - goepf

Dell, Windows Vista
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    the itunes server that these NAS devices have are not "real" itunes instances, therefore the appletv cannot directly use it.

    you will still need to go thru a "real" itunes library running on your pc/laptop.
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    is it better to have my iTunes library on my PC or on the NAS then?

    actually on the PC - could I move it without restarting from scratch?
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    you can keep the content on the NAS, and simply tell your itunes library to use the NAS as it's storage location.

    you won't need your PC and NAS on for any content that you sync to the appletv.
    for streamed content, the PC and NAS will need to be on (and itunes running).

    with your content on the NAS, the content will have a longer trip to get to the appletv... NAS > PC > AppleTV. as long as your network is running all ok then it shouldn't cause any problems.