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I've got Windows Vista 32 bit and I would like to have the Catalyst control center stuff so I can control the graphics.

Where can I get this stuff? Can I just download the latest Radeon 4800 series catalyst/driver/software from ATI?


iMac 3.06 Ghz, Windows Vista
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    ATI's web site. However, do not install their drivers in OS X - Windows only. Bear in mind that the most current drivers are included on the OS X Installer Disc One which you should install in Windows. The updates for the Windows drivers will be found at support.apple.com/downloads/.

    If you are using virtualization software to run Windows, then don't bother installing Catalyst drivers as the VM software does its own emulation.
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    I need to rephrase my question:

    This is the software I need: ATI Catalyst Control Center http://ati.amd.com/products/catalystcontrolcenter/index.html

    It's not the display driver I need, but the control center for an ATI product. I need more specific control, which the Catalyst Control Center would give me.

    Apple's cd only has the display driver and not this control center.

    I downloaded the full suite here: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx?p=vista32/common-vista32

    When this installs no control center shows up. Any idea, anyone?
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    Same problem here. On my new imac 24" with radeon Mobility 4850 HD, I'd want to control parameters such as FSAA or Aniso filter.
    When I start the installation of full package in Bootcamp with XP, it tells me that my GC is not supported!?

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    I haven't found a way to get Catalyst Control Center going. I assume it's because the card in the iMac is a "mobility" and ATI seems to offer limited support for their mobility line. I primarily wanted to be able to set the graphics to "fixed aspect ratio" scaling for some of my older games.

    I did find a way to accomplish my needs and I believe most any other needs someone might have: ATI Tray Tools Beta. This is a third party application that can do most things the control center can.

    It might take some tweaking to get it to work for you, but it's working for me. Some settings like the Display tab were hidden in the latest version, but I was able to get it back. Just takes a little searching around.
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    I got ccc 9.5 working by running the installer (in this way everything is extracted to C:ATI/SUPPORT/). Get the ccc at AMD website. Then I found something called Mobility Modder.NET. I installed, ran it (when it asks to locate the driver, it's in the C:ATI/SUPPORT/ccc folder). Then I run the ccc 9.5 installer again and and catalyst works now.

    Vista 32 bit here too