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I want to remove a wireless Guest network I set up in Time Capsule (Early 2009). I see how to disable it, but I want to remove it. So my question is how do I delete a network once it is set up?

iMac 2007 Intel Aluminum 2.4 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6), PowerBook G4 TI Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    i2, welcome to the discussions!

    I don't have the Early 2009 version of Time Capsule, but will assume (and that means I could be wrong) that the Guest network is set up in a similar way that the main network is.

    If you want to delete the main wireless network in the earlier version of TC, you would click on System Preferences, then Network. Select the AirPort connection on the left so it is highlighted. Click on Advanced in the lower right of the pane.

    The next window will display the name of the wireless network(s). Highlight the network you want and then click on the - (minus) button below the list to delete the network.

    I would think that the action is similar to delete a guest network in the new version of the TC. If you haven't tried the sequence outlined above, can you please investigate and post back with your findings so we can all learn? Apologies in advance if you have already tried this.
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    Just enable the guest network and delete anything you've typed in, then disable it again (if you don't disable, it'll just revert to its default guest network settings).
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    Bob thanks for the reply,

    This removes it from the computer but not the TC. See IslandTosh's reply above.

    First to remove it from the TC go to the Guest Network tab in Airport Utility, enable the Guest Network, delete the Guest Network name, disable it and then select Update.

    Then as you suggest go to System Preferences, Select Network and then the network name on the left side of the pane. Select Advanced and the select the network name in Preferred Networks and then "-" to remove it from the computer.

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