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I've looked everywhere for a similar problem to what I am experiencing, but can't find anyone who seems to be having the same thing going on. For more than a year, my family has used Verizon yahoo mail without any problems on the Apple Mail application. Nothing has changed recently, and the preferences settings have been:
POP Account
Email: myaddress@verizon.net
Incoming Server: incoming.yahoo.verizon.net
Outgoing server: outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net
Username: myaddress@verizon.net
Correct password
Outgoing mail server (SMTP: outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net

These worked for more than a year on two separate accounts run on two separate Apple computers, until a month ago something just stopped and now we can no longer send a receive mail on these servers through apple mail. We can access the accounts on Yahoo and Verizon online, but not in Mail itself. I get the message "Enter password for Account 'Verizon.' The POP server incoming.yahoo.verizon.net rejected the passowrd for user 'myaddress@verizon.net' Please re-enter your password, or cancel." When the password is entered, the same message pops right back up over and over again, even though the password is right. This is happening with TWO accounts on TWO computers, and absolutely nothing is changed, not even a software update. I've been on the phone with verizon for hours, and they insist this is an Apple problem, since the server works fine off the yahoo website. I've tried deleting the account, setting it up again, using incoming.verizon.net instead of incoming.yahoo.verizon.net . . . Does anyone know what is going on, or has seen this before? It's getting really inconvenient to have these accounts offline when nothing has happened.

Macbook Pro (silver version), Mac OS X (10.5.6), Using verizon yahoo mail and Apple Mail 3.5
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    I have the same issue. I can receive email but cannot send email. The email was working fine until this week. My account settings are the same as yours. Very frustrating.
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    Okay, I was finally able to get in touch with someone at Verizon who knew what is going on. I guessed that something had happened at Verizon or Yahoo between when this was working and when it wasn't, and I was right. Apparently, Yahoo cancelled its POP service as a portal partner with Verizon, making it impossible to people to access mail on outside POP accounts such as Outlook or Apple Mail. They said they sent out an email warning people this would happen, but I know we didn't get it. The rep explained that in order to access mail on outside applications, you have to switch to Windows Live as a portal partner (whether or not you have Mac, it still works). All you have to do on Mail is switch to incoming.verizon.net (deleting the yahoo). Use ports 110 and 25 (the defaults) instead of 110 and 587. If using a Mac, set up Windows Live by visiting http://www.verizon.net/getlivenow Then enter the primary account email address and password. It will want to download software (which won't work on a Mac), so choose custom installation and uncheck all downloads. All accounts linked to the primary will switch in about an hour. There is one caveat: all of your email on your verizon yahoo server will be deleted and WILL NOT TRANSFER OVER. Make sure to save all important emails to your computer before making the switch. To access email online, you just use Verizon webmail instead of Verizon/Yahoo mail off of the yahoo site. Hope that helps anyone with this problem!