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Hi there,

I'm wanting to connect my iPod via my Car Stereo's USB port, and control the ipod still so I can choose which songs to play.

I was told if I enabled disk use AND manually manage songs, it would allow me to do this, but so far, after a few seconds of reading the ipod, songs are played in a random order through my car stereo and I have no control from the iPod.

Please explain what I need to do.

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    You are posting in the iPod classic category, which is the 6th gen iPod, but is that the model you have? If not, what model do you have?

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    Yes it is the iPod classic that I have.

    Any suggestions please?
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    Is the car stereo new, as in made after your iPod classic model was released? Note: The 120GB iPod classic is somewhat different from the 80GB and 160GB iPod classic.

    If the car stereo is older than the iPod model, it is possible that it is not compatible. You would have to get more information from the manufacturer about compatibility.

    If the car stereo is new, is should be compatible with current iPod models, without having to set it to enable disk use and manually manage music (since most people use the sync setting). You may want to try doing a Restore on the iPod (in iTunes) to erase and initialize the iPod, then after syncing, connect it with the default settings.
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    To give a better spec of what I'm using here;

    I have the original 80GB iPod Classic which was bought new in 2007 (from memory).

    The stereo I am trying to connect it to, to play music through USB, is the Sony MEX-BT3600U CD Player which, from searching, was brought out in June 2008.

    When I bought it, I was told that the iPod could be controlled from the head unit, and that I could play songs via USB. After several attempts and enabling, disabling disk use, the songs are shuffled and the iPod can not be controlled but simply acknowledges that it is connected to a device. All music files are mp3.

    I am certain that my stereo is iPod Classic compatible, I just don't fully understand how to use my iPod as a hard disk for playing music in my car.

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    slippydrew wrote:
    I was told if I enabled disk use AND manually manage songs, it would allow me to do this,

    I don't think so. Disk use allows you to use the iPod as a storage device - as far as I know you cannot play music while it's in Disk mode, nor can you take audio from the USB port on the iPod. (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!). Manually managing songs is the method for adding or removing content from the iPod, not a means of controlling it from a head unit.

    Whether you can connect your iPod to your car and how it will work depends upon the car, model and year of manufacture. I used a Dension adaptor that plugs from the Dock connector on the iPod to the back of the stereo in my Mazda 3. I can choose any album, genre or playlist but usually I set the ipod to "shuffle all songs" mode and then plug it into the adaptor. Once connected, I can control track skip and track back from the steering column but I cannot see track information on the car's display. The iPod turns off and back on with the car ignition.

    However, my sister-in-law has a Mazda MX-5, but her (Bose) stereo will only play from the first five playlists and that's it! Quite who thought that was a good idea, I cannot imagine! I believe this issue has been corrected on newer models.

    So you see, two models from the same company give different results. Oh, and by the way, when I had the adaptor fitted, my supplier tried to sell me an FM transmitter type adaptor and I recall having a very heated discussion with them about this as they had already fitted the wired adaptor I wanted to a friend's Mazda 3.

    My advice is that you see a car audio specialist who can then advise you (properly, I hope) on what options are available to you and your car. Look up Dension though, but treat with caution their claim about using USB. I've noticed that you and Kenichi have exchanged a few more comments while I'm writing this, so I now know you have a Sony head unit. It may not be able to display the iPod screens, but I'm sure Sony make iPod adaptors for their head units..

    I still think you need to consult a car audio specialist, who knows what they are talking about. I think even your local Halfords may be able to help. It can't help to try them.

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    I think you should email Sony tech support to ask your question.

    However, when I look at the specs page for this car stereo

    http://www.sony.co.uk/product/ica-in-car-usb-and-made-for-ipod/mex-bt3600u/tab/t echnicalspecs

    it shows USB devices +ATRAC Audio Device Application+ (Sony's MP3 players) or +Mass Storage Device Application+ (everything else). So if an iPod is treated as a general "Mass Storage Device" (portable hard drive), it may not be compatible in a way that make it possible for the car stereo to interact with the iPod (in an intelligent way). That would explain why you need to set it to +enable disk use+, although +manually manage music+ is probably not necessary. Also, if you were connecting a regular portable hard drive, it seems like you can organize song files into folders (albums), and the player would be able to play specific albums (or all songs) in a shuffled order. On an iPod, the song files are stored in one folder, so it would make sense that you are getting a random play sequence of all of your songs.