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OK - I have a 1st Gen iPhone, a MacBook Pro and a MobileMe account. At work I have a PC. For my contacts, I would like to be able to use my iPhone, my Address Book on my Mac and my MobileMe account on my work PC. But something has been messed up with my contacts for awhile now. My iPhone has 352 contacts. My Address Book on my Mac has 339 contacts. My MobileMe Address Book has 339 contacts. I sync my iPhone regularly with my Mac. In fact, I just did it. Plus I ran the Sync Now for my Mobile Me.

Why is it that my iPhone has more contacts? Obviously contacts that I've entered directly into the iPhone are not getting synced with my Address Book on my mac or the Address Book in the cloudy MobileMe. I have had an entry in my Contacts called Test Entry that has never made it out of the iPhone. I also just today created a Test Entry2 in my Address Book on my Mac and that contact now appears in Mobile Me, but it does not appear on my iPhone.

How do I fix this? I am concerned about losing the contacts I made directly on the iPhone. And I'm concerned about losing edits I made to the existing records. The only thing I can think of doing is to go one by one thru my iPhone Contacts and compare them to my Mac Address Book and then somehow resync all of my contacts to the iPhone. That's gonna take me forever and it's a bit annoying.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I remember seeing Steve Jobs demonstrate how the contacts will automatically update with MobileMe but this doesn't seem to be happening for me. Why? Any ideas? Isn't it supposed to stay in sync automatically so that my iPhone, my Mac Address Book and my MobileMe Address Book all have the same set of contacts. And shouldn't I be able to edit my contacts (or add new ones) from one of these three sources with everything staying in sync, automatically?


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