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My wife currently has a PC and uses Palm Desktop and a Palm TX. She wants to buy an iPhone and be able to sync her calendar and contacts. At this point she want s to keep her PC because of her concern that Quicken has issues on a Mac.

This past week Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) indicated that a good way to move contacts and appointments from a Treo (which would also apply to other Palms) to iPhone is to use Outlook as an intermediary:

1. Sync Palm to Outlook.

2. Then plug iPhone into PC, launch iTunes and Sync the iPhone with Outlook. The data from the Palm should then be on the iPhone.

However, she has nine custom fields. I know from experience when I moved data from my Palm Desktop for Mac to iCal and AddressBook that I has a problem moving my nine custom fields. vCards were the only way that worked, dumping the custom fields into the note section of the contact, below all other text. As stated on another thread here, the vCard changed the nine field labels to oddball field labels like "X-Palm-Custom4". Since I was still using a Treo, I was able to change all the custom fields in the Treo via an editing app that would, for example, change "X-Palm-Custom4" to "Username/Password" for all of my 2600 contacts in less than five seconds. Otherwise, I would have had to change each of nine custom fields for all 2600 contacts one-by-one...very unsavory.

Since my wife has a similar situation with her 1800 contacts and nine custom fields, does anyone have a better solution that what I did for myself. I could test this first to see what happens when I move contacts from Palm Desktop to Outlook via vCard. For example, will the nine custom fields come over to Outlook (in the notes section perhaps). I've tried a few contacts and have not seen any of the custom field data in Outlook after the export/import process.

Does anyone have any ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4), My wife uses Windows XP