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I needed to restore my MacBook overnight to a saved backup from Time Machine. Generally all fine but I have two photos taken on the iPhone which were synced with iPhoto (and so deleted from the iPhone, but re-synced as part of the library) but that library post-dates my backup by a few days. I would like to keep them. I am worried that when I sync my iPhone it will copy over the older library, and so I will lose these two newer photos. What is the best way to keep them? I know I can email them to myself but I will lose quality right? Will iTunes / iPhoto ask me or just nuke and pave my iPhone (as I fear)? Or do I need to dig around with some utility? In any event, are these now the same quality as they were, or do even iPhone photos get "optimised"? Many thanks.

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    No real way to get them back. As you mentioned, photos transferred to the library are "optimized" for the iPhone display (made smaller). Thus even if you got a util to get to the file system, they won't be like the original. I would say emailing to yourself is the best option.