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I am a newbie Mac owner (5 days!) and loving every minute. But still trying to find my way around in the OSX environment. Thus, my question:

In Windows, when I want to select several non-consecutive items in a list, I hold the ctrl key and click the items I want. If I want a range of consecutive items, I hold the ctrl AND shift key and click on the first and the last item and windows highlights everything in between.

On the Mac, I hold the command key (clover thing) and click to select non-consecutive items, but is there anything equivalent to the Ctrl-shift (to select a lot of consecutive things with individually clicking each one)?


15.4 MacBook Pro 2009, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 2.4 Mhz, 4GB, 320 HDD 7200
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    Use shift on its own.
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    Welcome to the discussion pages and the "world of Mac". The answer is yes--just hold down the shift key (not control and shift) and click on the first and last items.
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    In icon view, you can left-click and drag a rectangle around a group of files to select them. You can then use Command-click to add or delete files from the selection.
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    Hey, thanks for the quick reply and answering my question.
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    Just hold the command key and click on the items you want (holding down the shift key only allows selecting a continues block of items).
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    If I want a range of consecutive items, I hold the ctrl AND shift key and click on the first and the last item and windows highlights everything in between.

    No need to hold Ctrl.
    With Windows, just click first then *Shift click* last for consecutive items.

    On Mac, *Command click* to select non-consecutive items.
    For consecutive items, select the first then *Shift click* the last.
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    Hi All

    I don't think this question is fully answered or correctly explained. I have been hunting for an answer for this problem for a while now and i have recently made the full switch to mac (have used before) and would really like to find out how to do this.

    In windows you can hold control while clicking to select multiple files consecutive or not. Then if you add the shift key holding it with control also you can select a consecutive range of files whilst keeping the previous non consecutive files highlighted.

    When you try to do this in finder on OS X it just highlights everything from the first file to the last and will include anything that wasn't selected before hand in between.

    I made a video screen capture to explain what i mean cause its either hard to explain or not available at all on Mac or no one can answer. I have read numerous forums all saying just use shift or whatever but its not quite what is required.

    Interestingly the selection technique i want works in mozilla thunderbird under mac os x. holding command to select non consecutive files then adding shift with command still down to highlight a range whilst keeping the original non consecutive files highlighted.

    Anyone know how i do this everywhere else in mac eg finder

    here is link to screen capture video showing what happens in windows and showing it not working in OS X:


    Sorry bout the long post