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Hello folks,

I've been trying to get my 1st Gen Touch up and running in the most recent version of iTunes, installed onto a dual-boot machine (32-bit Vista and Win7). In Vista, the Touch works perfectly. Flip over to Win7, and no dice. I can hear the chime sounding that a USB device has been plugged in and removed, but at no point does any drivers actually install, no info pop-up that new hardware detected, and no iPod listed in the USB devices of Device Manager.

I've tried following the directives of http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1852 to no effect; everything looks to be in order. I've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. The only, and I mean only, sign of life I've seen out of Win7 is the one time I managed to fluke my way into Recovery Mode on the Touch, at which point it was recognized as a generic iPod in Win7. I just didn't think that a recovery wipe and reinstall would be a necessary step to a normal installation.

Further, I've also tried running the iTunes program in compatibility mode for Vista, and with Admin privileges for Win7 mode, to no effect. Does anyone have any ideas on what I'm overlooking? I know the hardware works; this has to be software...


Dell XPS 700, Windows Vista, Dual-Boot Vista / Win7
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    I got it working, though the steps I had to use were draconian in measure, and not what I would reasonably expect the average user to endure just to get their iPods working. Since the Touch was showing signs of life in Factory Restore mode, I let it do that once. Wiped all the data out of it, but errored on the reinstall. Curious, I thought. I had Device Manager up at the time, and saw a generic 'iPod' entry in Portable Devices.

    Okay, fair enough... I restart the factory restore, wait for the generic 'iPod' entry. Right-click, Properties, 'Update Driver', search automatically. Suddenly, lo and behold, the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver shows up under USB Devices, and my Touch starts working as pretty as you please. I'm fortunate that I can go back into Vista to re-sync to get my music and apps back, but at least it's working now. Might I suggest seeing if there's a less Nuclear Option process for accomplishing the same goal?
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    So you have a beta of Windows 7? If so, I don't think iTunes will even work with an OS that isn't even out in the market.
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    Had I seen your post earlier, I would have suggested your start with Apple Mobile Device Services. The Vista instructions would have been close enough to get this working for you.

    And applegenius, there a lots of beta OS's floating around out there. For a beta to go public, we need people like SpyglassWolf to test them with various software to make sure that they work and if they don't, what can be done to get things working.