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My (two week old) iPhone will shut off by itself randomly. For instance, I check my email and put the iPhone down on the table. A minute or so later, I pick up the phone and the power is off. I try to use the on/off switch but the phone will not turn on. I end up pushing the home key and the on/off button at the same time and hold for 10 seconds. When I release the buttons, the apple logo comes up but the phone takes a good minute to get to the home screen. The battery is full, there is plenty of space. Any ideas? All help will be appreciated.

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    My iPhone does the same thing. The only 2 differences is that mine is only a week old and it turns back on using the On/off/sleep key. It especially likes to turn off if I try using applications... the main selling point of the iPhone. I think it's an issue with charging the phone. Sometimes when it turns back on, it'll tell me there's only 10% battery charge remaining even though it was charged overnight.
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    First i would make sure the battery is calibrated just in case.
    To do this run the battery down flat till the iPhone turns off, then charge it overnight to make sure it has a full charge, this will re-calibrate the software.
    Second would be to try restoring the iPhone first from a backup and then as a new iPhone if the first restore doesn't work.
    Lastly if none of this sorts it out call AppleCare or go visit a Genius at an Apple store as it may be a hardware fault.
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    thanks r.cloud I have completed all the troubleshooting you mentioned except the hard reset and taking the phone to an apple store. Thanks again
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    Hey mine did the same thing and then eventually would not turn back on at all. I sent it to Apple and they sent it back the same saying water damage? I was wondering if its true if i can bring the broken one back to the apple store and get a replacement for 200$? Thats what i have heard any way ?
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    Unfortunately for water damage you cannot buy a subsidised handset you would need to buy a new one as water damage is considered non-repairable, so they wouldn't be able to re-furbish your iPhone and re-sell it again.
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    by hard reset did your mean the restore?
    if so do that and if it doesn't fix it then definiteley AppleCare or an Apple store
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    I believe that I have found the problem. I am (or was until now) using a case that had a magnetic closure. I quit using the case and for over a week now, I have not had any issues. I am sure it makes a difference which direction the BB is in the case but I don't want to mess around with it anymore if there is a chance of ruining the phone. I found this article while searching for Magnet in the forums: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2342 - Thanks everyone for you help.