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Hi Guys,

I am looking at getting a new MacPro as my existing one is soon going to be out of warranty.

I fancy two of the 2.66 cpus but the difference in price between the 2.26 and 2.66 is £1,120.00!

This seems a little high, especially as you can buy the 2.66 retail at around £200, so £400 for the pair.

Do you think it is worth waiting to see if the price is going to drop on these?

Or would it be possible to just buy a dual 2.26 and buy a couple of 2.66 and have them installed?

Thanks for any advise


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    Wow, do you buy a new comp every time it goes out of warranty. Wish I could do that. Yeah the difference in price for a marginal up in clock speed seems strange. If I were you I'd stick with the base 2.26, and be happy with 8-core nehalem goodness ^^

    OR, if you want a good deal, check out the refurb section at the apple store:


    2008 2.8 8-core Penryn for $2400 is decent... also refurbs get the same apple warranty. And can add applecare too if you want.

    If history shows anything, you might want to wait for perhaps the next rev. or one after that. As they will most likely double the cores to 16 in 1-2 years.
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    Thanks for the post.

    Well the machine is nearly 3 years old, time for an upgrade I think.

    I used to upgrade every year so three years is a good run!

    I really want the new I7 processor to be honest, otherwise I wouldn't upgrade.

    I just don't understand why apple charge so much for a slightly faster processor.
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    It's not just Apple charging too much, but Intel too. The processors you mention probably aren't Xeon Nehalem, just the Core i7 Nehalem - they share the same socket but differ on how they operate in dual processor systems; the Core i7 doesn't do dual processors. And so the Xeon Nehalem is more expensive clock for clock than the Core i7 that you can't put in the new Mac Pro, but the Xeons use less power.
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    Ah, thanks for the info I didn't the realise I7 Nehalem was different to the Xeon version.

    Thinking about it I should have done as the Xeons are always the multi-processor ones.

    Checking the price the X5550 is around £800 so now the apple price doesn't look so bad!

    Thanks for putting me right.

    All the best