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Hi there,

As I am an appallingly bad typist, I am continually hitting the "Help" key at the same time as the "delete" key on the six-key cluster under function keys F14-F16. It drives my nutty, as I have to wait a considerable length of time for whatever help page I've accidentally induced to appear to do so (help-page loading on this system has been sluggish *at best* from day one when I got the machine five years ago).

I have tried turning this key off under SysPrefs, but SysPrefs doesn't allow for chaning this particular key. I have also made several attempts using iKey to do the same thing, but without success.

Has anyone with a similar affliction (perceived or otherwise ; ) managed to tame this wee beastie? A disabling string for command-line use would be good : ). I suppose I could lever the key off the keyboard, but I would rather not!

Powermac G5 1.6Uni/2GB RAM; ATI Radeon 9600/256 PC/Mac, Mac OS X (10.5.6), NV-GS400; EyeTV 200/Neuston 500; iLife'06; working iPhone 3G w/iTunes 7.7 :)