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I just got my new iphone and eagerly trying to download apps from Itunes. I already have my Itunes in my laptop (windows vista), can able to detect my iphone when connected to my laptop, but then each try to download any apps (even free applications), error 1009 always appearing my screen..

I tried as well to search what was that error 1009 means but to no avail.

any help from anyone?

Thanks in advance.

HP 5300, Windows Vista
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    What country are you from?
    1009 usually means your IP address originates in a country that does not have access to an App store.
    If you are meant to have access to an App store check all of your iTunes account and credit card details to make sure your on the right store/country and your credit card is from the same country, along with de-authorising and re-authorising iTunes
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Highly appreciated.

    So, that's the reason! Currently, I'm here in Ethiopia (Africa), and unfortunately for me, there is no current App store for this country. Actually, what I have done is I registered myself from my origin country, which is the Philippines (which app store is available).

    Does it only mean then that I can just download any application I want from App store if I will just be in the Philippines, or to any country wherein app store is available (at least, for free applications)? And if there still any other way of downloading apps while I"m still here in Ethiopia, how?

    Again, thank you very much!!!
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    Only if your in the Philippines as far as i'm aware.
    The reason you only have access to your home countries App Store is due to the differing Laws in each country in regard to ownership and copyright and the like.
    In regard to downloading app's while your in Ethiopia we aren't allowed to discuss that here as per Apples t's and c's. You'll have to Google for that one.
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    My goodness!! So, I still have wait then for a couple of months before I can fully enjoy my Iphone, really unfortunately for me

    Thank you very much then and God bless you!!