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Kim Gammeltoft Level 1 Level 1
So... finally, movies has come to the german iTunes. Thats about time if you ask me and very welcomed

Only, as far as I can see (correct me if I'm wrong) , almost all the movies are presented in synchronized version only. I have found a few english films that had both german and english but that was just a few.

I cannot stand synchronized movies and I find it such a pity that you cannot purchase the movies in original language with subtitles. If I want watch a french movie I want to see it in french with subtitles. Goes for every language really.

Any hope that iTunes germany will introduce films with original language and subtitles anytime soon?

Since I cannot purchase from any other store outside germany without having a credit card and address in that country (stupid if you ask me), I guess I have to stick to the god old DVD for now where I can choose to purchase a movie with more languages and subtitles.


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