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Hello. I need a bit of know-how advice. I recently gave my 12 year old son an iTouch for his birthday and as now that he has a taste of the app store, he is constantly wanting to try out many of the apps. He does not have the login credentials for the Itunes store so he comes to me when he wants to get an app, free or paid. This is okay with me and I gladly connect to the app store, put my login credentials in and download the app for him from his iTouch. I have found, however, that once I hand him back the iTouch and he goes his merry way that he can go off and download apps afterward because I am still logged in. He is not doing this maliciously, and they have all been free apps, but I still want control over what he is getting on the app store. I have tried turning off the iTouch after downloading an app for him, but even still, it seems like he is still connected sometimes (or maybe I'm just forgetting to turn it off, I don't know).

Can anyone here confirm for me that turning the device off after each download will disconnect it from the Itunes store? If so, maybe I AM just forgetting. Is there another way to disconnect manually before handing it back to him without turning it off and back on?

Need advice.



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    I don't think it automatically disconnects you from the store. After D/L'ing, go on iTunes on your computer, check the "store" menu and there's an option to sign out.
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    Hey Jim,

    This works this way: After signing in on the computer, if you sync with any device (like your son's iPod Touch), the credentials will be copied to the iPod and therefore anyone will be able to access the App Store using your account on the iPod.

    So, you should do the following:

    ➡ If you want to sign out on the computer, simply find you e-mail address on the top right bottom of the window, click it and then click "Sign Out".

    ➡ On the 3.0 version, there will be an option where you can also sign out manually. However, at this time the only thing you can do is block access to the iTunes and App Store apps on the iPod. To do so, just go to Settings.app -> General -> Restrictions.

    So, all this means that turning the device off after each download won't disconnect it from the Itunes store.

    Hope this helps!

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    Okay, thanks for the input. Sounds like the best way right now is to simply download the apps from iTunes on the desktop then sync.

    The 3.0 feature will be interesting to check out.

    Thanks again,