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    I have had this issue 3x in the last 6 months. The first was early September 2010. I am into photography and had not backed up photos in 1-2 weeks so had to pay for a back up. The second time was late November 2010, 2 days before the warranty ran out. Got the unit back December 6, 2010. Then the third time January 8, 2011. After the expired warranty and 32 days after getting the unit back (sorry sir that is outside the 30 day repair guarantee!!)

    Decided this is ridiculous and bought a new computer last week end (not a Mac). Difficult to justify 2x the price for a machine that doesn't last as long as other laptops.
  • starskee Level 1 Level 1
    My MBP which falls into the period affected by the dodgy Nvidia GPU chips has now died. Starts up with fan + HDD, but no chime and no video. On the odd occasion after holding down power button with no battery and reseating RAM I got it to chime and have the keys respond (num lock, audible audio up and down) but that happens rarely.

    Read an awful lot, but I figure even if Apple claim my logic board went without the GPU failing, I'd still be covered for a replacement board even as if it had not failed.

    Is the test they do, to find out if it is one of the dodgy GPU's or simply to determine if it has failed?

    Ironically, I was just about to by a new unibody MBP and hand the old one to my girlfriend. I've stood by Apple for a long time as this laptop has never really had a problem but I was unaware of all these issues. If they do not replace my logic board FOC (I have Genius appointment Thursday evening) I'll be passing on buying a unibody in favour of another brand as it'll mean I have to buy two new machines not one.

  • Keith Walsh Level 1 Level 1
    The test is to check for a failure in the video chip. If your machine can't boot they can't run the test so Apple assumes that the board failed due to some other reason and will charge you for a new board.

    It's not right but that's how they want to play it right now. I'm in the same boat and waiting for the word from my AASP.
  • starskee Level 1 Level 1
    Someone I know with the same symptoms (no chime, no boot, no video, just HDD and fan activity) used a much mentioned technique to bring it back from the dead. The key was doing it for 3 hours and not 2 or 1 - basically until the system powered itself off.

    So if it failed and you tried the trick - try leaving it longer.
  • starskee Level 1 Level 1
    If they only check it has failed, how do we get it replaced if it turns out to be one of the affected chips?
  • starskee Level 1 Level 1
    In response to my own question (why can't I edit) I meant to say, what if it does work, but was "fixed". It's no longer failed, but has failed in the past or is one of the dodgy batch.

    If they know it's one from the dodgy batch, and it boots fine, will they replace it or does it have to fail first (potentially taking out the rest of the logic board and therefore meaning the test is impossible).
  • nigel17 Level 1 Level 1
    this is a major issue for MBPs from 2007. Have had experience with it myself.
    Hard to recommend that you pay $950 for a new one, because you will NOT receive a new logic board in your machine. Instead you will be given a refurbished board from 2007. I am on my third replacement of logic boards, the first two having failed within days of being fixed. You will be running around with your computer to an ASP endlessly.
    It is disgraceful that a top of the range computer can only have a 3 year shelf life.
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    I'm from Argentina and count me in with this same issue (no chime, no boot, no video, just HDD and fan activity). Replacement here is like 800usd. No sense at all for a 2/3 years old computer (MBP early 2008).

    I posted today ( but it seems there's a large number of affected computers.
    After trying at 3 different stores, they conclude that they need to run the test to check if replacement for free apply. As it wont boot, they said there's nothing we can do except charge you for a new logicboard.

    Starskeen, can you please tell me what's that technique ? Im still reading through the topic.

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    Hi Everyone-
    I have late 2008 MBP, just got my logic board replaced free of charge yesterday after experiencing the same issues (wouldn't wake up from sleep, no chime/fan at start up, black screen, would not listen to pram or smc reset and would not boot up from OSX dic). My warranty was expired by 18 days, but since my serial number matched up to the ones listed with the faulty NVIDIA chips, I was lucky enough to get everything for free. Apparently Apple recalled these NVIDIA chips, although I would not have known this as for the did not do a very "good" job publicizing it. Basically, the "genius" said that the chip fried my logic board and I was assured that I received a new board, not a refurb.
    The repair was going to cost me $902.37. I highly suggest taking your machine into an Apple store to see what they can do for you. If they can't do anything, sell your machine in parts (you'll get the most money that way) on eBay...looks like you could get approx $600.

    Oh, did I mention that the repair was done overnight..? Less than 24 hours and its back in my hands.

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    They need to look at your serial number.
  • duby4u Level 1 Level 1
    I found this, not sure if we can apply but still reading.
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    Just had the same thing happen. No chime, black screen. Dead. Took it to authorized service center - they said it is definitely not the nVidia card (covered by Apple), but the logic board (not covered by Apple). The service rep said he's seen half a dozen bad logic boards in the past year - one on a MBP only a year old.

    I'm getting ready to call AppleCare and know i'll have to deal with the song and dance. Yes, my MBP is out of warranty, but doesn't even have 200 hours of use on it. From what i read from all of you, i don't expect to get far with them. How many people need to post this problem before they will acknowledge it? They initially denied there was an nVideo problem until enough people complained.

    I can buy a new logic board for my PC for around $100 and change it out in about 30 minutes. MBP logic board - $700-$1000. My first and last Mac.
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    Well this morning I was doing a software update which required a software reboot. After the reboot I was left with a blank screen and a dead MacBook Pro.
    Just got back from the Apple Store and my MacBook Pro is now off for repair. Luckily I am still covered by the AppleCare

    However, it would appear that if I had no warranty cover the repair cost would have been $310. Well this is the amount on the service letter they gave me.
  • cosmikpro Level 1 Level 1
    Well, hard to tell how I feel after my 3rd logic board replacement. Always for free, but i need a definitive solution, not a "just another board to test"...

    Deb_B, how did the machine replacement worked for you?

    Now the Apple Genius who fixed my mac the last time, says if it fails again, it could be a display issue (obviously generated for the logic board). The only thing I believe is my mac will dead, sooner than later, and Apple knows this better than me.
  • ururk Level 1 Level 1
    Ahh, well, 20 days after the replacement logic board expired (20+90 days after replacement), I see this lovely screen:

    (link to blog post - you can click on the image to enlarge)

    Sigh. This time around, I was just casually using my computer, I wasn't plugging in the display, etc...
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