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    Early 2011 i7 MBP 15 same day MLB replacement - £416 at Apple Store Brent Cross London. Great service from Genius Bar, but extremely disappointing that issue happened in first place. Does anyone have any numbers to determine scale of problem? If customers/other repairers are doing DIY fixes, how will Apple know numbers....

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    No need to hate pc and windows. Just don't put windows on pc. Use ubantu linux on a pc build. Or you can also custumize the ubantu interface to look like a mac or windows with no security or other issue that comes with windows. Also the best is to have a mac pro. That seems to be stable and solid machine. I buy a mac pro 8 core and it works well. The temps are good. This is a 3,1 model. I had to many issues with g5s. No issue with the mac pro other then some errors in memory. Bad ram chips. This is kind of shocking though since I watched a video where Steave Jobs was saying we don't sell junk. You could have fooled me. All the mac books are junk. Can not trust anymore. If I buy a mak book pro. I will have to get the 7 or 9 year apple care for it. If it don't break in 9 years it should last.

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    Googling not very helpful to understand the outcome. How can we all join or contact the class action suit and get a better estimate of the #s involved? Clearly, Apple continues to ignore these problems and pretend this does not exist.


    I bought the Apple Care plan. The 3 year warranty expired in April 2013, and guess when the troubles started? In September 2013. Here is a description of my current troubles (LaksK)


    I was intending to upgrade to the newer Macbook Pro early or late next year - when Apple ships them with a decent sized harddrive. Now rethinking my committment to Apple. These laptops are supposed to last a while (was hoping 6-7 years so my parents could use it for browsing and stuff).


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    I still haven’t got round to contacting BGA REPAIRS as I’ve been busy on other stuff. But my early 2008 MacBook Pro died again for the 5th time, only 1 day later than the date I predicted it would. So my MacBook is now nearing its 6th birthday. Next November I’ll be buying a shiny new 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. I hope Apple have resolved the logic board problem by then. I will be none too pleased if I have to repair it.


    I have posted a video about the repair I did a few days ago. It can been found here



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    Sorry for the joke but you can realy call your mac book pro a born again christian. Born again, and again, and again, and again. This is the only laptop that is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Hahaha. Apple you are sooooo cooool.

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    Hi Thorador, good point! I guess it's more like Hindu reincarnation - after a period in firey torment! ha! ha! :-)

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    early 2011 macbook pro 2.3ghz i7 15"

    500GB solid state HD

    16GB RAM

    AMD and Intel combo

    all photo editing, 3D modeling, and graphic design software install--- was never able to utilize


    bought the laptop 11/2012. replaced logic board 08/2013, replaced the RAM 09/2013...

    i again need to replace the logic board (1 month EXACTLY after last logic board replacement warranty ended).


    obsurd that a laptop of this caliber would fail twice after opening an internet browser.


    this was my first apple purchase since leaving PC.

    $2800 MBP + $400 logic board replacement + RAM replacement = my laptop is still dead


    kudos apple for jacking my money

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