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Summary Of Problem:

My WiFi was set up by ATT U-verse tech. .... I can connect My Laptops
to the WiFi .... but not iPod Touch.

The iPod display selects my SSID & shows it's connected... but cant connect
to any website. The U-verse security is WEP- Authentication Open (whatever
that means) ... I have the password to Router ... so I can go in & make it
"un-secure" .... & connect my iTouch ... but that's not I want ... as soon as
I put security "ON" ... IPod can't connect (but Laptops can)
I did re-set networks , entered password ... still no connection.
The APPLE Phone people said "try lowering your security" .... has anyone faced this issue ?

Windows Vista
  • applegenius18 Level 3 Level 3
    Good, you took my advice.

    As for your issue, can you change your security to WPA?
  • Steve M. Level 5 Level 5
    Make sure the Uverse gateway has Wi-Fi 802.11 b and or g enabled, not just n.

    Steve M.
  • luvlabs Level 4 Level 4
    WEP login on your touch requires a slightly different approach then what you would use on your laptops.

    Open up your router's control panel, go to WEP and set it to 128 bit, enter your password and write down the hex key that the router generates. (An alternative is to go to the Advanced section and select WPA encryption.)

    On your touch, go to your network, tap the blue > and tap Forget this Network

    Still in Settings > WiFi tap Other network. Enter your network name, tell it the encryption scheme used (128 bit WEP), and then, in the password section, enter the hex key that was generated by your router.

    You should be logged into your network at this point.

    If you are lucky enough to find the WPA encryption section, select WPA-psk (may be labeled personnel or no router). Put your password into the router that you will use. On your touch, do the same things you did before except tell it you are using WPA-psk, and enter your password (and it can be case sensitive depending on what you entered). You will have to update your laptops accordingly.
  • applegenius18 Level 3 Level 3
    So that's 2 thing you need to check: the signal being sent from the router, and the compatibility of the security.