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Is Boot Camp even supported on SP3? I can't run the BC that's on the Leopard install DVD (blue screen of death), nor can I run the BCUpdateXP.exe on Apple's website (doesn't launch). I've looked at the other threads here but none addresses this issue. My Win/XP DVD is a new one with SP3 already on it. Could this be the problem, you have to go SP2 -> BC -> SP3?


20" iMac 260GB 4GB, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    If you pop Leopard disc in while running XP SP3 and it crashes, then you have:

    BSOD: they seem to be due to: driver issue; ram issue; possibly even hard drive bad blocks. Or, there really are differences in XP SP3 CDs, some work, some don't.

    BC 2.1 was suppose to "help" was all. If your copy of Leopard, or your Mac, came out in the last 6 months, or since 10.5.4, you don't really even need BC 2.1. Obviously you have to be running Windows to run or install any .exe update etc. What is on Apple web site is standalone but only runs AFTER or when it sees that 2.0x already exists. It is an update-only.

    You could try doing chkdsk and memory test from XP.

    Roll back drivers, restore from last known good check point, and boot from XP CD and run system repair.
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    Well, I'm running a vanilla install of Win/XP. No additional drivers, products, or packages, on a new iMac, so there's nothing to roll back. Surely BC can cope with a fresh Win/XP install? Memory and disk check out with no anomalies.

    I notice that the machine crashes when BC tries to install the Broadcom package. I guess that means I'll never get wireless going...
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    Try opening the Apple/Drivers folder (I think that is what you will find, I copy it to my local hard drive off the DVD) and install all the other drivers individually.

    Then see if there are standalone driver for wireless off the net.

    Boot Camp part adds OSSwitcher; TimeServices; and the hardware abstraction layer.