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I have an unusual situation here. I recently won a new, first generation 8GB iPhone in a raffle. (Yeah, I know. Lucky SOB.) After speaking with AT&T and looking at my cel & internet use, I decided it's not worth my while to use the iPhone as a cel phone and internet source. I'm sticking with my old cel phone and the dirt-cheap service I currently have.

The iPhone screen looks so cool, though, and it's got 8GB of memory, which could hold quite a bit of audio and video.

How can I use my iPhone solely as an MP3 player - or maybe to watch the occasional video on a plane - without having cel service? I've hooked it up to iTunes, and iTunes doesn't seem to even want to start the conversation until you're activated and registered, which makes me wonder if using the thing as just a media player can even be done.

I googled the issue and didn't find any authoritative answer. Just some vague guesses from people who don't seem to really know.

Does anyone know for sure what I can or can't do here?


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