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My less than a year old macbook pro has been broken for over a week. When I turn it on it gets stuck on the loading screen and will just stay on that screen. I have tried to go into safe mode but all it does is go to the loading screen and then just restart itself..over and over. Is there any way to fix it? I have read that it is due to a hard drive problem and it needs to be replaced?

It is still under warenty and i have the extended warrenty (due to a mac employee who lied to my mother about it covering ALL problems includeing accidental, but i will not get into that now) but I know if i take the computer in they will say it was damaged becuase of the fall the computer had taken, but this happend over a month ago and never had any previous problems. Just the day be4 i had this problem it was working perfectly fine. then the next morning it would'nt work.

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