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Hi all.

We have a cross-platform application called Fing (http://www.over-look.org/site/index.php/documentation/fing-features) written in C++, which uses boost, libpcap, and zlib. Currently, it's available for Mac OS X Leopard (and other platforms).

We are considering porting the application to iPhone OS (official App, NOT JAILBROKEN). I've found online some evidence that boost can be compiled for iPhone SDK, so my main concerns now are:
1) is libpcap available/accessible as part of the core services?
2) is there a way/API to request access as root in latest OS (2.2.1 or higher)? From online forums, it seems that apps currently run as a non-root user, and libpcap would return no results in that case.

Thanks to anyone for the help
The overlook team

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)