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I would love to dive into all the apps that the iPhone has to offer, but I like my Verizon service and I find AT&T's $30 monthly Internet access fee too expensive. Sooo, I thought that perhaps the iPod Touch might be a better choice for me. Can the iPod Touch run all the applications an iPhone can, including GPS apps? If so, is performance basically the same? I remember reading early reviews of the iPod Touch that said it was somehow inferior to the iPhone.

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Reply by MacDarling55 on May 6, 2009 2:39 PM Helpful
the iPod Touch is basically the iPhone without the phone. I don't think that the iPod Touch has GPS capabilities, but otherwise, it can run all of the apps that the iPhone can. the iPod touch doesn't have 3G capability, but it picks up great internet when available. hope that helps!-MD55p.s. i had a teacher with the same name as your alias
Reply by Nathan Watson on May 7, 2009 11:34 AM Helpful
But, as has already been noted, you can add a microphone. You can use the Apple earphones with built-in mic & volume control, or you can use something such as the Griffin SmartTalk, which lets you use your own earphones with it:'ve read that many folks do not like the sound quality of the iPhone built-in mic anyway, and prefer using an external one.NathanMessage was edited by: Nathan Watson

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